Club officers are elected every two years. We have six elected positions president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, librarian and education liaison All officers serve voluntarily and do not receive any compensation. The process to become an officer is quite simple. At the March meeting members nominate people for each office and a vote is taken. The person with the most votes is elected for a two year term in that office. The next election will take place in March of 2014.

The President is our most active officer. The Presidents responsibilities include presiding over meetings, keeping track of membership information, announcing monthly demonstrations and reviewing any important business. The president also sends monthly update emails to the members reminding them of meeting dates and agenda, to bringing items for raffles and other club business. Any other duties required for club operation are delegated or assigned by the President as well.

The Vice President’s main responsibility is to run the meetings if the President is absent. The Vice President is expected to be active in club projects and to assist when volunteers are scarce or cannot complete duties assigned.

The Treasurer is responsible for handling the clubs finances. This includes handling the club checking account and balancing the check register to the statement each month. The account deposits, withdrawals and balance is reported to club membership at each meeting. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting membership dues, paying bills and depositing funds generated by club activities.

The Secretary’s responsibilities include taking the minutes of the meeting and creating a report that highlights the activities and discussions from each meeting. The minutes will become part of the permanent records of the club. Club correspondence is also handled by the Secretary.

The Librarian will be responsible for maintaining the club library items that include but are not limited to books, VHS Tapes and DVDs. The Librarian is responsible for maintaining a checkout process and verifying that materials are returned and sending reminders out when they are not. The Librarian is also responsible for keeping abreast of the currently available turning educational materials and making recommendations for the purchase of new items for the library.

The Educational Liaison will be the club interface to other turning clubs and avenues of turning education. The Liaison will work with the staff of other clubs to coordinate joint ventures for education such as professional turner seminars. They will also keep the club website updated with information concerning schools, seminars and symposium events that are coming up as well as provide information on where classes are available.