The meeting was called to order by Ray Hoover at 7PM.
Tonight’s meeting will be using the new meeting format with our presentation first and then a break and show and tell followed by the business meeting.

Mark Gearhart gave a terrific presentation on making a lidded box using a skew chisel tonight. Mark also provided us with a 4 page handout of his program.
If you were unable to attend and would like a copy of his handout please email Mark to get a copy.

Following our break we had another excellent show and tell tonight. I don’t know how many of you look at other club websites, but I do and let me tell you we have an incredible show and tell in our club. I have seen many clubs withe 100+ membership that do not have half of our monthly show and tell. This tells me that our members are active and proud of what they make and most of all willing to share their work with their peers. This alone makes our club meetings worth attending.Keep up the great work everyone and lets see it next month.

Theo tells us that our club bank account has a balance of $2556.56 and that we added another $110.00 as a result of tonight’s raffle. Thanks to all who brought items and to all who purchased tickets.
Cindy brought up the idea of having a Saturday Skills seminar. This would be a day that you could spend time trying different things and getting some real hands on time with a mentor. Some of the ideas we are thinking about are pyrography (wood burning) Piercing, Airbrushing, pen turning, embellishing your work, tool sharpening, basic tool usage, preparing wood for turning(what do you do with that log). We would set up a couple of lathes and several table stations in Sam’s parking lot and you could spend time trying anything or everything that you have an interest in. If you have other ideas for topics of interest or would like to volunteer to mentor in one of these fields please get with Cindy. We want to get moving with this before the weather gets too hot.