April 16, 2019 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by club president Tom Meyer, who, as new president of the club, spent several minutes outlining his perceived role and encouraging members to suggest ideas for new program and learning opportunities with the hopes that other members will volunteer to see that such activities are carried forth.

Six visitors were recognized and asked to introduce themselves. Four of those individuals indicated their intention to become members.

Club treasurer Steve Mawson reported a treasury balance of $7,175.64, with additional receipts because of several membership renewals immediately prior to tonight’s meeting. Mawson mentioned that the treasury has funds for purposes other than our routine yearly expenses. Meyer indicated that the recent dues increase from $25 to $40 was made with the idea of our club finding ways to further its impact, but questions remain how to best do that. Bill Dykema suggested the possibility of providing a scholarship to an individual seeking to further their education in a woodworking-related endeavor. Rob Otte indicated that those bringing treats to meeting have done so on a voluntary basis, but some thought might be given to the club paying for those items. Meyer suggested that an American Association of Woodturners shirt might be an item that could accompany club membership.

There had been suggestions at prior meetings that the current club website (Great Plains Woodturners) is quite expensive for the use being made of it and that its complexity has been a factor in keeping the site up to date. Meyer posed the question of how best to communicate. Bill Jurgensen indicated that the Omaha turning club was exploring options to its current website and is focusing on a company that will provide comparable services for less money. Doug Wilson told members of his experience with the current site—dealing with several layers of detailed procedures and the seemingly unfriendly resizing picture-posting requirement. Mike Sawyer said he is willing to head up an exploratory committee for our club and asked any members interested in serving on that committee to contact him. Sawyer asked Wilson to be a member of that committee.

Sawyer indicated that the raffle, that had been planned for tonight, would be postponed until next month due to a shortage of time and the limited number of items brought to be raffled. Tickets are one dollar each or six for five dollars.

The Show-and-Tell portion of the meeting was quite lengthy because of the large number of items on display and the many questions that members had about turning strategies and finishes. Several members bringing items had questions from others as to a turning problem they had encountered. As always, many of our experienced turners stepped forward with suggestions.

Tonight’s program on turning boxes was presented by Galen Tuma and Tom Meyer. As part of their presentation, several small boxes that Meyer had turned were cited as illustrations of techniques that can be used to improve product outcomes—such as appropriate tenon formation, sectioning off parts for both base and lid, and carefully delineating fit requirements for base and lid. Meyer spoke of choosing either an internal or external tenon based on properties of the wood being turned and limitations of its thickness. This was another program providing many insights on completing a quality product.

Doug Wilson, Secretary