The meeting was called to order by club president Mark Entzminger.

One guest was introduced.

Brian Newell reported that the Sunday through Tuesday hands-on classes for the Glenn Lucas symposium (November 4-6, 2018) are full. Newell asked if there was any member interested in a Wednesday class. There was no interest shown, so there will be no Wednesday class. Registration is still open for the all-day turning demonstration by Lucas on Saturday, November 3, 2018. The cost for such is still $50, but that cost will rise by summer.

Treasurer Steve Mawson, reported a balance of $6,975.23 in our club treasury.

Jim Young reported on the continuing interest by the veterans group that meets in the Innovation Campus Maker Space each Thursday to turn pens. He indicated that some are involved in painting and ceramics.

The raffle that had been planned for this evening will be postponed until the May meeting.

Entzminger asked for a show of hands to indicate whether or not there is an interest in our club sponsoring an art show this December as we have the past two years on the first Friday and Saturday in December. The interest shown was not sufficient to schedule such an event for this December. Thus, further planning for this event is terminated.

It was announced by Entzminger that next month’s program will be presented by member Mike Marshall.

After our monthly show-and-tell session, the program presented by Entzminger focused on the techniques he utilizes to turn the interior of a natural edge bowl using a detail gouge with a fingernail grind. His choice of wood was black locust—utilizing a piece that he had turned partially prior to the meeting. With the outside turned to final shape, Entzminger focused on only the interior beginning with establishment of wall thickness and progressing inward toward the bottom. With the aid of the club camera/projection system, he was able to demonstrate and respond to many member questions about his techniques for using a detail gouge to produce his desired internal shape for the bowl.

Doug Wilson, Secretary