Due to the absence of club president, Rob Otte, the meeting was called to order by Mike Aalberg, club vice-president.

A motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting, as they appear on the club website, was made, seconded and passed by voice vote.

Treasurer Theo Alles reported income of $100.00 from dues paid last month and expenditures of $194.00 paid to Elmer Miller and Steve Mawson for materials, leaving a club bank balance of $6,181.44. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made, seconded and passed on voice vote.

Miller reported on the upcoming Great Plains Woodworkers Club-sponsored art fair to be held in the Innovation Campus Maker Space December 2-3, 2016 (Friday from 5 to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Eight-foot tables for sale items will cost $35/table to the vendor(s) using them. Otte will manage publicity for the event. Friday’s event will correspond with the Lincoln Arts Council’s efforts to have local galleries open on the first Friday of each month. In addition to our club members, woodworkers to be invited to participate include such groups as Capital City Carvers plus select individuals. This event is an effort to provide Lincolnites with a better appreciation of the creative talent of its residents. Miller noted the need for interested persons to notify him or Mark Entzminger of their need for table space. At a later date, members will be asked to contribute both time and refreshments to this effort.

Aalberg encouraged members to continue making Beads of Courage (My Journey Beads) boxes. These boxes will be a highlight of our December Christmas party meeting.

After another very enjoyable Show and Tell session, in which many beautiful turned objects were displayed and described, Jeff Woldstad, club member and UNL engineering professor, described and demonstrated the use of the Maker Space CNC (computer numerical control) router—a machine capable of shaping a wide variety of three-dimensional objects. Woldstad explained several aspects of the software which drives the router as well as the complexities of defining the precise location of objects in space. He mentioned that most things that can be drawn with programs such as Adobe Illustrator can be replicated by a CNC router. To demonstrate some of the capabilities of this router, he programmed it to make a plastic template similar to those sold by Seg-Easy for the purpose of making segmented turned objects. Woldstad’s program illustrated another aspect of the Maker Space that makes our association with Innovation Campus such an asset to the club, as is having Jeff an active and contributing member.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary