The meeting was called to order by Great Plains Woodturners Club president, Rob Otte. Minutes of the June 16, 2015, meeting were approved as printed via club website.

Visitor Rod Termaat was introduced.

Club treasurer, Theo Alles, reported a current treasury balance of $5,467.25 after all submitted bills surrounding the demonstrations and workshops of Jimmy Clewes have been paid. The balance prior to these dispersals was $12,353.82. Receipts for the past two months (dues and registrations) were $7,410 and expenses were $6,726.86, for a club profit of $683.14. The treasurer’s report was approved.

In reporting on the Jimmy Clewes presentations, Elmer Miller thanked the many people that helped make this event so successful. He noted that 71 people attended the Saturday, July 11, 2015, demonstrations and 27 the hands-on workshops held during the following four days. Miller gave special thanks to the 23 Loess Hills Wood Turners and 35 Great Plains Woodturners that attended these sessions. The demonstration also attracted 20 people with neither affiliation. Also thanked was Sam Boon for the use of his shop during the workshops. Three sponsoring groups were given special recognition: Gerry Phelen of Midwest Woodworkers, Omaha, for donating large amounts of wood for the sessions; Craft Supplies USA, Provo UT, for numerous gift certificates; and Larry Laux of LaMar’s Donuts, Lincoln, for supplying refreshments to both demonstration and workshop attendees.

Otte mentioned that copies of Jimmy Clewes’ presentation notes are available in our library and that a pdf for printout purposes is available online. Also mentioned are a 10% discount and free shipping for those wanting to order the tools that were used during the demonstrations. Otte will handle such orders.

Otte suggested that discussions are ongoing about the possibility of using the Maker Space on Innovation Campus for some of our future meetings. A brief survey of members found no objections to such.

The Tip of the Night was provided by Mark Entzminger. In dying the edges of the plates (such as were one of the items produced during the Jimmy Clewes presentation/workshop), it was suggested that a mixture of aniline dye, alcohol and shellac be used. After the first coat is applied, it is sanded with 300 grit paper and the alcohol flamed off. After a second coat of dye mixture (same or different color) is applied to areas needing additional color, that surface is sanded with 400 grit paper and the alcohol flamed off. If a third coat is needed (same or different color), apply it and then sand with 600 grit paper and burn off the alcohol.

President Otte suggested to the group that he would like for out club to think about developing a large kinetic sculpture that could possibly be put on display in the Maker Space and encouraged members to seek out ideas for this type of art form on the Internet.

Members were reminded that Midwest Woodworkers (14605 Wright St, Omaha, NE) is hosting their 6th Annual Woodworkers Art Show this Saturday, August 22, 2015. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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