The meeting was called to order by club president Mark Entzminger.

Six guests introduced themselves to the group.

Club treasurer, Steve Mawson, reported dues collection of $230 and a balance of $6,218.00 in our account.

Mawson mentioned that he had a considerable quantity of ipe (a Brasilian hardwood) to give away. Persons interested should contact him.

Doug Wilson indicated that there were no changes to the posted minutes. He brought to the attention of the group a Lincoln Journal Star article of August 13, 2018, which described some of the efforts that Lincoln city forestry personnel were using to provide Lincoln Public School students with ash wood for their shop projects. Wilson asked the group if anyone was aware of how wood turners, such as our club members, could gain access to that same ash source as hundreds of ash trees will be cut down throughout the city in preparation for the Emerald Ash Borer infestation. Later in the meeting, Wilson secured the name and phone number of an employee of the Lincoln city forestry staff: Lorri Grueber at 402-441-9461. He will contact Ms. Grueber for information regarding this kind of salvaged ash.

Jim Young indicated that he had contributed an instructional wood turning DVD to the club. He was thanked by club librarian Mike Sawyer.

Curt Norman brought to the attention of the club an event at the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Museum on Saturday, November 17, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in which craft and art people are invited to demonstrate the creative techniques for the attending public. Several members indicated willingness to demonstrate wood turning. Young suggested that some of the veterans among his Maker Space turning group would be among those turning. This is a free event for both demonstrators and those acting as vendors of their products. Elmer Miller moved that our club join the Omaha woodturners club in this effort and that Norman take that idea back to the Omaha club for acceptance. Motion was seconded and passed by voice vote. Rob Otte mentioned that Maker Space personnel would be transporting some 3-D printers and lathes to the SAC Museum that day for demonstrators to use.

Otte asked new members to supply him with their email addresses so that they can receive the various club announcements that he sends to members.

Brian Newell reminded members of the Glenn Lucas demonstrations that will take place in the Maker Space on Saturday, November 3, 2018. Newell indicated that a considerable quantity of walnut had been secured for the event from Midwest Walnut (Council Bluffs, IA). He asked for volunteers to help cut that walnut into the desired sizes. Most of the walnut is for the hands-on workshops that Lucas will conduct during the days after his Saturday demonstrations.

After the business meeting, several members described the items they brought to the meeting as part of the Show-and-Tell portion of the meeting. As usual, there was a wide variety of turned objects and many member descriptions of the techniques for wood selection, assembly, turning and finishing. This event is always a great learning opportunity for members.

Mike Aalberg provided the program tonight by adding detail to his previous demonstration and explanations regarding the making of fishing lures. He talked about his use of epoxy as a coating material and his drying and painting of the lures. He demonstrated how he prepares wood blocks for turning so that connecting wire can be inserted into the finished lure. He also described his choices of woods and how each lure is weighted to accommodate his fishing style or water conditions. Aalberg has considerable experience in lure use and construction and is an excellent resource for those wanting to make lures for personal use or sale.

Doug Wilson, Secretary