This meeting of Great Plains Woodturners was held at the home of club president, Rob Otte.

In addition to the social function of this meeting, one of its purposes was to display the turned bead boxes that Fred Graber will take to the Pediatric Department of the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, boxes that will be used for storing bead strings by those children undergoing long-terms testing and treatment. These boxes are part of the My Journey Beads project undertaken by our club. Turning boxes for this purpose will be an ongoing part of this project.

During a short business meeting, discussion was held regarding our club’s meetings at the Innovation Campus Maker Space. A majority of members supported our continuing to do so.

Rob suggested the need for better sound communication as we continue to meet at the Maker Space and cited a speaker he has purchased and the approximate cost of microphone and transmission equipment. A motion to purchase such was made and passed.

The next meeting of Great Plains Woodturners will be January 19, 2016, at the Innovation Campus Maker Space.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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