Tonight’s meeting was called to order at 7PM by Ray Hoover. We welcomed three guests tonight Gerald Hillman, Dan Morgan and Jan.

Ray announced that at last weeks executive meeting it was decided that we needed to change the order of our meeting. Beginning this month we will start our meeting with an introduction of guests and new members and then go directly to this months program. This will be followed by break then show and tell and then the business meeting. We hope this will allow members that need to leave early to participate in the demonstration as we have several members that come from outside of Lincoln as well as young people that have school the next day. We hope this will be a welcome change for all. Ray also talked about the changes the AAW is making regarding insurance coverage. He has been assured that we are still covered and hopefully this will be resolved by next month.

Cindy gave the highlights of last months meeting and brought up the need of a volunteer to assist with maintaining the website. Dan Morgan has offered his assistance with this task, We are also thinking of adding some software to the site that help to manage our library. Anyone that has any books or DVD’s that they would like to donate or loan to the club please see Sam to do so. We are aware of the slow performance of the website and are working to get this resolved.

The Omaha Loess Hills Club will be hosting Alan Carter for a symposium on May 4 thru 7. The Saturday demo day will be $45.00 and include lunch. The hands on turning days will be Sunday, Monday or Tuesday for $120.00 and also includes lunch. These hands on days have a very limited number of seats so don’t wait if you are interested in going. You can email Steve Buller at or contact Gary Scott for more info. You can also get more info on Loess Hills website.

Theo reminded everyone that your annual dues of $25.00 are due. Please make arrangements to pay Theo at the next meeting.

Mark purchased a new Dust Deputy system for his shop and the manufacture, Oneida Air systems, sent him a number of brochures for handing out. Mark promises a report next month on how it is working in his shop.

As many of you are aware Tom Steyer manufactures woodturning tools. Among his excellent selection of tools are his hollowing rigs the Terminator, which is a captive bar tool and the Gizmo which is an articulated arm system that has an optional laser guidance system. Tom demonstrated the use of both of these tools and answered a lot of questions. At the end of his presentation Tom invited anyone who was interested in trying the tools to come up and give them a try. Thank you, Tom for the excellent demonstration of these tools. I am sure we all learned a lot. Toms website is .

Following the break we had our show and tell. We had a most impressive selection of turning brought tonight. Thanks to everyone that brought in your beautiful pieces. I for one never cease to be amazed at the large variety of beautiful turnings that the talented members of this club produce

Tonight Mark Entzminger brought in a beautiful pierced blue bowl, Don Shelton turned a lovely tall candle stick in the style of Rudy Osolnik. Tom Meyers brought us a very nice bowl of beadle killed pine, a bowl he turned from a walnut crotch and two small bowls he decorated with his new texturing tool. Mike Miller brought a lovely little bowl turned from catalpa wood. Kevin Elye brought a tool that he made using pieces of farm implements. Look out Tom your competition is on his way. Kurt Norman brought a wonderful selection of work ranging from a music box, magnetic paper clip holders, bowls with turquoise trim and a large walnut burl vase. Sam brought a beautiful little Ginko bowl and a natural edge locust bowl. Theo brought an assortment of work including some very nice spalted hollowforms, beadle stained bowls and vases. Doug Wilson brought a very nice covered bowl with a finial . Forgive me if I have left anyone out. The photos follow.