February 19, 2019 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by club president Mark Entzminger.

Because of inclement weather, attendance was very limited (approximately 25). In addition, the individual planning to present a program was unable to attend.

Mike Sawyer supplied tools to members who ordered these at the time of the Glenn Lucas demonstrations and workshops in early November.

The focus of the meeting was Show-and-Tell, with numerous turned items on display. The limited number of people present provide more opportunity than usual for each artisan to explain the details of their turning and for members to ask questions about the item: type of wood, finish, tools used, etc.

At the conclusion of this part of the meeting, Entzminger asked if there were any questions people might have about turning. Among the topics ventured were: controlling dust in the shop, using StopLossBags as a strategy for preserving expensive finishes, wood identification and lathe purchasing (brand, size, source).

Harry Heafer brought a pickup and trailer load of ash that had been cut while felling a tree. Many members took advantage of this free wood by selecting numerous pieces for their use.

Doug Wilson, Secretary

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