The meeting was called to order by club President Rob Otte.

Five guests were invited to stand and introduce themselves to the group.

The president’s Tip-of-the-Night pertained to safety as a consequence of his having CA glue spray onto his face shield when turning an object to which he had added CA glue to stabilize part of the wood. Even though Otte had waited several minutes for the glue to dry, a small quantity of still-liquid glue sprayed onto his face shield when turning was resumed. Otte’s Tip: Always wear eye protection when turning.

It was moved, seconded and confirmed by voice vote that the minutes of the January 17, 2017 meeting be approved as they appear on the club website.

Treasurer Steve Mawson reported that after all expenses for the December 2016 Art Walk were paid, our club lost $42.81. Otte mentioned that an unreported donation of $100 had been received. Our library had an expense of $181.30 for DVD purchases. Current bank balance is $4,618.18. Report approved by voice vote.

Otte thanked Mike Sawyer for his work in organizing and updating our audiovisual materials.

Brian Newell says that plans for the October 2017 symposium being planned in cooperation with Loess Hills Wood Turners of Omaha are moving forward with nationally-known turner Cindy Drozda as the demonstrator and teacher. In addition to a full day of demonstrations on Saturday, October 21st at the Loess Hills meeting site, she will conduct several days (depending on demand) of hands-on instructional sessions at Newell’s shop. Drozda’s emphasis will be on tool selection, use and sharpening as well as the wood selection, turning and coloring of natural-edge bowls. Cost for the Saturday demonstrations is $50 per person (lunch included). Cost for the full-day, hand-on instructional sessions is $140 per person (lunch included). Newell will begin taking money for this symposium at our next meeting. He thanked Bill Dykema for his drive in keeping the planning process moving forward. Newell mentioned in passing that there is the possibility of a Glenn Lucas symposium in October of 2018.

Elmer Miller encouraged members to support Newell in this symposium effort as well as announcing the slate of officers for next year.

President             Mark Entzminger

Vice-president    Mike Gullickson

Treasurer             SteveMawson

Secretary             Doug Wilson

It was moved that a unanimous ballot be cast for this slate of officers. Passed by voice vote. Both president Otte and treasurer Theo Alles declined re-nomination.

Otte thanked members for helping him get involved in turning and for making program suggestions. He said that he has had a great time meeting many wonderful people and visiting numerous member shops. He thanked the many members that have stepped forward to offer assistance. He, also, encouraged members to visit each other’s shops and mentioned the Google program he has referenced several times as a way of facilitating that process.

Mike Sawyer moved (Miller seconded) that our annual club dues be raised from their current $25 to $40. One reason cited was our need to be more supportive of programs. Miller suggested that we can lose quality programs if we cannot provide adequate support. Otte mentioned that the picnic cost will likely increase, as will the Christmas party if it is moved from a private home (where it currently is held) to a public facility. Motion passed by voice vote.

Our quarterly raffle will be held next month.

After our usual Show and Tell session, program provider Myron Heusinkvelt offered many ideas and demonstrated several techniques for turning rolling pins of the types that he sells and utilizes as gifts. In addition to turning one-piece pins, he often uses several pieces of contrasting wood to create beautiful and intricate designs. As part of his program, he demonstrated and explained his use of various tools and jigs as part of his construction and turning processes. This was another program that was well-received by all members. Thank you, Myron.

Doug Wilson, Secretary