The February meeting was called to order at 7PM by Terry Savage. The treasures report was given by Theo and Ray reviewed the notes for the January meeting. Terry introduced our guests and three new members. Dues for 2012 are now due. The website is looking good and new information is being added almost daily. Cindy asked that those members who have gallery photos on the site to get their biographies done and sent to her.

If you have anything for tips and techniques send them to Cindy at Terry asked for everyone’s thoughts on giving Karie Barrett something for creating our new website. Cindy said she would love something turned and so Terry suggested that everyone that wanted to should make something for her and bring it to the March meeting. Terry brought up the idea again of having a critique of some of the items brought for show and tell. If you have an item that you would like our advanced turners to give their opinion on let Terry know and he will set it up.

Terry announced that the selection committee had made it’s selections for new officers this year and they are

President: Ray Hoover

Vice President: Mark Entzmenger

Secretary: Cindy Boehrns

Treasurer: Theo Alles

Librarian: Sam Boone

Education Liaison: Terry Savage

Librarian and Education Liaison are new positions. Librarian is self-explanatory, Education Liaison is someone to coordinate with the Omaha club on joint seminars. The nominations for officers was opened to the membership and Terry then asked if there was anyone who wished to place themselves or someone else in nomination for office.

No additional nominations were made and it was moved and seconded to accept the new officers as recommended and a unanimous vote was taken. Terry made note of the fact that if anyone was interested in holding office in the future should contact one of the officers and let them know. New officers will take over at the March meeting for a term of two years.

See the upcoming events page for information regarding a seminar featuring Dale Robbins to be put on by the Omaha club on the 25th.

The program for the evening was on Kaleidoscopes. Curt Norman demonstrated the steps necessary to turn both the oil wand and the egg shaped kaleidoscopes. He demonstrated the use of his hand made mandril and talked about the tools necessary for creating them. He also talked about the requirement for accuracy in your turned piece so that the internal parts will fit correctly. It was an excellent program. The meeting adjourned about 9:40pm.

Below you will find photos of the outstanding show and tell. We have some very talented people among us and they brought some truly unique pieces tonight.