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How I became a woodturner

I have been working with wood since I was a child in my Grandfather’s shop. He would let me have pieces of leftover wood and help me build things, teaching me about tools along the way. Over the years I have done mainly flat work, although I have tried my hand at woodcarving with some small success. When I was about twelve my dad purchased a lathe. He wanted to make table legs and I watched him try for some time never managing to make two alike. Not long after that, the lathe went to the farm and until about eighteen months ago I never gave it a serious thought. I went to the Wood Show in Kansas City in January of 2010 to attend a seminar about cabinet refinishing and furniture repair. I was thinking about refinishing my kitchen cabinets. While we were there, I stopped at a booth set up by the local wood turning club. I watched their demonstration for some time and then stayed to talk to them. I had a lot of questions. They were most helpful giving me a Craft Supply catalog and telling me about the Lincoln club. When I got home, it seemed that all I could think about was woodturning. I was already hooked. I looked up the Lincoln Club’s website and contacted their president, Terry Savage. Terry told me a little about the club and invited me to attend a meeting. To make a long story short I went, I fell in love with turning and I never looked back. The guys were warm and friendly and I joined the club. With the help and advice of several club members I purchased my first lathe and tools and began this journey called woodturning.


I have been turning since June of 2010.

What type of wood do you like to turn the best?

I think fruit woods, apple, pear, peach cherry and mulberry are my favorite woods to turn. I must say though, that I haven’t found a wood that I can say I would never turn again. I love wood with good color and fascinating grain. While I have not tried burls I have purchased a couple of pieces that are so beautiful I am still looking for the courage to begin.

Signature Form

At this point I am still trying new things and have not settled on a particular form.

While I enjoy working with all types of wood. I am a little too impatient for really wet wood since once I start, I want to see the finished product. But then a little natural movement can add a lot of character to your piece. I have turned plates and bowls and goblets with captive rings. I have turned a few hollow forms and vases but my love seems to be lidded boxes with finials. I am learning to chase threads and introducing different materials to my turning. I cannot tell you how much satisfaction and pleasure I get from taking a piece of wood and turning it into something more beautiful than it already was. I enjoy very much the feeling of “I made that? Why yes I did.”

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