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How I became a woodturner

Growing up on a farm in eastern Nebraska I developed a love for wood in general. I became interested in turning wood during my high school days where I was taught proper tool technique and safety from a very qualified instructor.


I have always found wood intriguing, from where in the world a species is grown to it’s different shapes, colors and formations. When my son and his buddies wanted me to help them with their interest in wood, I created a 4-H Woodworking Club. During the 10 years I served as leader of this club, I helped them learn how to turn wood. In the year 2000, with the encouragement of my wife, we decided to build a woodturning workshop/studio on our farm in eastern Nebraska for the purpose of enjoying the art of woodturning. On our farm we have windmills (thus the name “As the Windmill Turns”). Whenever possible, I have taken the opportunity to learn from other woodturners from around the world to increase my skills. I am a member of two local woodturning Clubs and the American Association of Woodturners. Since 2006 I have been showing my art at various Art Festivals.

What types of wood do you like to turn?

I love to turn cherry, maple and any burl. It is a good practice to turn many woods to experience the characteristics of each type. Some woods are naturally suited for different shapes.

Signature Form

Bowls, vases, clocks, pens and hats from various woods.

Additional Information

I am willing to assist anyone who is interested in beginning to turn wood. It is very exciting to see what can be created from a piece of wood.

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