It all started long ago in a garage packed with other things besides two cars and various tools. I had inherited a tube lathe from my father and all of the parts were in a box on top of the storage racks in the garage. One day, in late December of 2008, I was bored watching TV and needed something to do. I remembered the lathe and decided to put it together. About a week later when it was mounted to a thick plywood plate I plugged it in. It worked! So, now I had to do something with it. I turned a 2 x 2 stick round,made some coves, some beads, and thought that was nice. I then glued up a block of scrap pine boards and made my first bowl. Now that was something that caught my attention. I again made another block of scrap wood and turned the second bowl. Yep, I was hooked.

I have not stopped since then and spent too much money on a new lathe and all of the tools to make more. I think I have made a total of 7 spindles and too many bowls! to count. It is a wonderful sickness that keeps me busy and focused on creating something out of wood destined for the fireplace.


I have been turning since early in 2009. I have used my lathes capacity up to it’s limit and continue to explore new shapes and forms. I generally like to work with large shapes. I can’t explain why, just that I like big bowls and hollow forms.


I, like most turners, will turn most any wood. I go further than most and will try just about any material if I can get it on the lathe and cut it with the tools that I have. Plexiglass, printed circuit boards, lots of plywood, and OSB are some of the unusual materials that I have played with. One comment about wood, I have worked with many beautiful pieces of wood. On the occasion of a dull or lifeless piece of wood I will not hesitate to embellish the material with dye, paint, inlay, or burning to make the form more interesting. Nothing is out of bounds when it

comes to the final look or feel of the piece.


Bowls of all sizes.


Currently I have bowls on display at the Sheldon Museum of Art Gift Shop , LUX Art Gallery and at Gallery Nine. All of these locations are here in

Lincoln, Nebraska.

My Gallery