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How I became a woodturner

I actually did some wood turning when I was in grade school. My uncle Robert had an 8 inch Craftsman wood lathe and he let me do some spindle turning. We also made a kitchen match holder on a face plate. I still have that piece. Got a Dunlap lathe when I was in junior high, have no idea what happened to that lathe.


Through the years I have made several turnings, mostly spindle turnings. In 2006 I purchased a Jet mini lathe. I liked that lathe but it was not big enough and had no variable speed. So in 2008 purchased a Delta 46-460 with variable speed, nice lathe. That lathe worked fine until I had a chance to get a Powermatic 3620B which I use most of the time today. In 2008 after I moved back to Lincoln I joined the Great Plains Wood Turners. The club has lots of nice folks and good turners willing to share information and how they do things. I continue to upgrade equipment as time and budget will allow.

What type of wood do you like to turn the best?

Walnut and cherry are some of my favorites. I do have quite a bit of cedar that I also like to turn.

Signature Form

I am not to that stage yet. I still have many forms to explore.