Member Bio

How I became a woodturner

About the time I decided to retire I bought a small lathe just to pass the time. After returning from a three day “hands on” session with Trent Bosch, a nationally recognized wood turner from Ft. Collins, Co, I started in. I quickly found that turning wood was it for me. In 2007 my wife and I moved to Lincoln to be near family. Finding the club’s website I contacted Theo Alles who soon became my mentor and taught me how to turn.

Now I turn at least a couple of days a week and sell my works at local arts and crafts shows.


I have been turning since 2005.

What type of wood do you like to turn the best?

My favorite wood is from trees that have been attacked by insects in such a way as to render inclusions and voids that I can incorporate into the turning. To paraphrase something said by one wood turner I know: “If it won’t hold soup, it may be art”

Signature Form

I do bowls and hollow forms, goblets and small vases, as well as craft and utility items.

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