January 15, 2019 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by club president Mark Entzminger.

Entzminger indicated that club treasurer Steve Mawson had reported a treasury balance of $6960.

Brian Newell reported on the attendance and monetary results of the Glen Lucas symposium of November 3-7, 2018. Registrations for the November 3rd demonstrations were 79, with 74 attendees (24 of those from out-of-state). Profit on the Lucas symposium was $1,636—the amount being higher than anticipated because of a low price on walnut secured from Midwest Walnut Company. Newell indicated that, with the profit from last year’s Cindy Drozda symposium being $863, the Omaha and Lincoln turning clubs would divide equally $$2,499 ($1,636 + $863).

Rob Otte indicated that the wife of former club member Rob Kurth had been killed recently in an auto accident in Arkansas where they had taken residence since leaving Lincoln a few months ago. Kurth doubts that he will be returning to Lincoln to live, but may be selling materials and tools from his business here.

Otte floated the idea of the club having a silent auction of tools and materials that members no longer use as a fund-raiser for the club as well as providing members money for their unwanted items. The money split he suggested was 50:50, but others were mentioned by members, such as 75:25. Bill Jurgensen asked if these items could be donated to the UNL Maker Space. Jim Young mentioned that the military veteran group that routinely meets in the Maker Space is a 503(c) organization that could be used as a recipient. Otte asked that members bring their unwanted items to the February meeting and he would supply cards on which suggested prices could be written.

Mike Sawyer announced that the tools ordered through Glen Lucas will be arriving later than expected, but are on their way. Apparently, the size of the order ($5,000+) overwhelmed those processing it.

Four visitors identified themselves.

 After a time of Show-and-Tell and refreshments, Entzminger presented a most informative program on the use of epoxy as a turning medium. In addition to a handout listing materials, sources and tips on use, he talked at length on techniques for turning, dying, sanding and finishing. He uses a variety of “add-ins” to enhance the attractiveness of his turned bowls—such as pearling, cast objects and luminescent materials. The large number of questions asked by members was indication of the great amount of interest generated by this topic. Entzminger is always willing to share his expertise with others and spent considerable time responding to the many inquiries that continued after completion of his presentation.

Doug Wilson, Secretary

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