The January meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Terry Savage. The minutes of the last meeting were read by Ray and Theo gave the treasures report. Theo noted that the club made a profit of $279.00 on the Rudy Lopez seminar.

Terry has decided to try something new with show and tell . All of the pieces will remain on the table and no longer being passed around. This will hopefully prevent the accidental dropping of someones work. It seemed to work fine, took less time and allowed you to concentrate on the piece being displayed instead of the careful passing of each piece. There is plenty of time for a closer look at everyone’s work before the meeting begins and during break.

We had two guests join us for the evening and it is likely that they and their wives will be joining our club.

We had a raffle this month and thanks to all who so generously donated items, we had an incredible number of items for the raffle. Many people won multiple items including our guests. We had a great variety of wood, pen and bottle stopper blanks, a wood turning book and several gift certificates to select from. Theo announced that the raffle earned the club $112.00 this month.

Terry announced that Scott Josiah is working on getting certificates of authenticity for the American Chestnut wood for anyone who wishes them.

Terry talked about the selection of programs for next year and we will be trying a different format. We will have a set of basic skills programs as well as several elective programs. The proposed programs for 2012 will begin in April with wood selection, characteristics and identification. We will go over basic chainsaw skills. We will learn to evaluate a log and determine the best forms to be cut from it. We will also talk about the care of fresh cut wood and the drying process. This sounds like a program that everyone should try to attend so set a reminder in your calendar for the March meeting.

Following the break everyone that brought an item for tonight’s program on Chucks, Jigs and Tools, displayed them and explained how they are used . We had an excellent selection of items from go-no-go gauges for sizing tenons for your different chucks, string and spindle steady rests, vacuum chuck setups, a segmenting sled, a circle cutting sled, chucks for making ornaments, pens and for sanding, a laser guided depth gauge for finding the bottom of bowls and hollow forms and an adjustable Longworth chuck. If I have forgotten to mention yours, please forgive me there were so many great item brought.

Terry asked the current officers to stay after the meeting to discus candidates for this years officer election which will occur at the February meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30.