This meeting of Great Plains Woodturners was held at UNL’s Innovation Campus and was called to order by club president, Rob Otte.

Five guests were present and introduced themselves.

Minutes of the December 15, 2015, meeting, as printed via club website, were approved by voice vote.

Due to the absence of Theo Alles, club treasurer, there was no treasurer’s report.

Sam Boon announced that there were some DVD donations to our library. The content of these is focused on box turning.

Because our club took on the project of turning lidded boxes for the My Journey Beads program at the Nebraska Medical Center, Rob encouraged people to continue their work of making these boxes. As more are accumulated, they will be taken to Debbie Wagers at the Med Center. In private conversations with several turners, Doug Wilson volunteered to take completed boxes to the Med Center within the next few weeks.

Rob indicated that a new microphone and speaker system has been purchased, but, because a critical cable was missing, the system would not be available until our next month’s meeting.

The president’s Tip of the Night related to his need to replace the bearing in his lathe headstock. He urged people to be attentive to the sounds of equipment and materials when turning, as it may indicate as problem of some type. And, when that happens, call Kevin Elge for help.

Tom Meyer mentioned having a difficulty in keeping the live center of his lathe’s tailstock aligned with the spur drive of the headstock—until he realized that the headstock locking mechanism was not fully tightened. Again, be alert to irregularities.

Myron Heusinkvelt mentioned that some of the information on our club website is out of date. Webmaster Don Sheldon said that he would review and revise these details. A map of the Innovation Campus area will be included in this revision.

Rob indicated that he and Liana Owad have discussed and reached agreement on a one-year contract for our use of the Maker Space in which we currently meet. Part of this agreement involves one of our members paying the necessary fee to be a Maker Space user, one or more of our members training others on the use of the Maker Space lathe (as some have already done), one or more of our members conducting two half-day workshops for interested persons, our leaving club chairs for use of Maker Space patrons, and UNL providing our club a secure space for storage of it various materials.
Rob Kurth and Rob Otte have been working with Liana in planning for a weekend turning event, in which members of the public will have an opportunity to experience turning an item on a lathe. Discussion of this is ongoing.

Some members expressed the need for better lighting for lathe demonstrations. Rob indicated that the current location of the lathe during meetings is only temporary since that space will eventually be used for another purpose. It is hoped that a better-lighted area can be found at that time.

March is the time of our annual meeting. Rob urged those interested in seeking the office of president to begin letting one of our past-presidents know of such intentions.

The Show-and-Tell portion of our meeting, again, featured the beautiful works of many highly talented and creative turners. The program, which followed, was presented by one of those master craftsmen of the lathe—Steve Mawson. One of Steve’s specialties is the design, turning, burning and coloring of bowls and plates that resemble traditionally woven southwestern Native American baskets. During the course of his presentation, he demonstrated all facets of his processes of wood selection, pattern design and layout, tool use, burning and coloring. The large number of completed works he brought for display created constant attention of members to that region of the demonstration area.

The next meeting of Great Plains Woodturners will be February 16, 2016, at Innovation Campus.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary