The meeting was called to order by club president, Rob Otte.

Rob welcomed the four visitors present and had them introduce themselves.

Theo Alles reported a treasury balance of $4237.09. He mentioned that club dues should be paid at the March 2015 meeting, but that he would accept them any time during the next four months. As of the end of December 2014, the Great Plains Wood Turners club membership was 48.

Mike Miller reported attending a craft fair recently in the Ralston Arena and noticed that there were no wood turners among the many crafts people displaying their wares. He brought brochures for anyone that might be interested in pursuing involvement in next year’s similar event.

Theo gave our club the name (Colleen) and phone number (402-641-8238) of a representative of the Butler County Fair Board. This individual had asked him if he knew of someone interested in giving a wood turning demonstration at next summer’s Butler County Fair. Theo mentioned that this would be an excellent marketing and sales opportunity for one for more club members. He suggested that our club’s liability policy would cover any member involved in such activity and that the $100 table fee for the 3-day fair might be negotiable.

Don Shelton presented information about our club getting a Facebook page as a Secret Group (for our club members only) on a trial basis. If this proved satisfactory, that grouping could be moved to Closed Group status. He touted the use of Facebook as a valuable mentoring opportunity because of its ability to enable members to seek help and opinion quickly from other turners as well as share ideas. He will move forward in setting up such a page so that current or new Facebook members can access it.

Elmer Miller reported that this summer’s Jimmy Clewes demonstration session of July 11 and hands-on teaching sessions of July 12-14 are filling quickly, with 12 of the 18 allotted hands-on sessions already taken. Beginning January 21, 2015, he will publicize these sessions to turning clubs outside of Lincoln.

Tom Steyer announced that Chuck Smith passed away recently (December 28, 2014). Chuck organized and hosted the Loess Hills Wood Turners Club that met in his large shop near Glenwood IA for the past several years. The club will continue to meet in his shop during this next year.

Tom Meyer mentioned that his wife (Dianna) passed away recently (November 26, 2014) and that he wanted to sell her car. Tom provided information for such.

After an extensive show-and-tell session with a large array of beautiful and unique turnings and our quarterly raffle of donated items, several members demonstrated and/or described a special tool, jig or technique they used in their shop to facilitate resolution of a unique turning problem.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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