The meeting was called to order by club president, Rob Otte.

The following guests were recognized: Brian Boon, Brent Nielsen, Randy Hupple, Nate Hupple, Mike Sawyer and Jeff Friesen.

Minutes of the June 17, 2014 meeting were approved as posted on the club website.

The Tip of the Month was presented by Elmer Miller, suggesting that plastic covered beverage glasses in the shop are an excellent alternative to an open container that may be contaminated easily with dust.

Club treasurer, Theo Alles, reported that the club’s financial balance is $4233.70. Otte mentioned that bills for last month’s picnic are outstanding.

Librarian, Sam Boon, had no overdue borrowed media to report.

Otte suggested that the program speaker/demonstrator for next month (August 19, 2014) is currently tentative, but he is quite certain that approval will be given.

Otte mentioned that the previously-mentioned (May 15, 2014) turning demonstration by members of our club at South Pointe in October 2014 did not work out as planned, but there is the possibility of the club participating in a similar program during August of 2015 sponsored by Scheels All Sports.

A poll of lathe users was taken by Otte to ascertain such variables as: hours per week of use, size of lathe used (mini, midi or large), number of lathes owned, and brand of lathe.

Don Shelton spoke very favorably about last month’s picnic and the good time that attendees had. He mentioned the excellent food as well as the wonderful air conditioned facility. Otte gave thanks to Mark and Cindy for their efforts to make the picnic a success.

The program for the evening was provided by Tom Steyer and Stan Harder of JT Turning Tool, of Omaha NE. Their demonstrations focused on the use of the CutterVision computer-assisted lathe aid that enables a user to maintain constant and precise awareness of the position of the tip of a cutting tool while in either the interior or exterior use mode. Both modes were demonstrated by Stan using, first, JT Turning Tool’s “Gizmo” brand hollowing tool and, second, for external turning, a standard hand-held bowl gouge to duplicate an existing spindle form.


Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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