The July meeting was called to order at 7PM by Ray Hoover. Ray welcomed our guests this evening, Jay Pashalek and Dean Staberg. Dean later decided to become a member of our club so welcome Dean we look forward to seeing you at our meetings.

Ray reminded everyone that it is a new fiscal year and your club dues of $25.00 are overdue if you have not paid. See either Ray or Theo to pay your dues.

Cindy reminded members that the website has been repaired and is now performing well. Please go visit the website to see monthly meeting notes, news of upcoming events tons of educational information and the answers to many of your questions. You can also use the website to request mentoring or to volunteer to be a mentor. I would like to have a member bio for each of you and we can post any photos in your gallery that you wish. Give the website a try at

We had a raffle tonight that earned $90.00 for our club treasury. The Treasurers re[port tells us that we have a balance of $2431.00 plus the raffle money.
Sam reported that we still have a couple of missing items from the library so please take a look and see if you might have a forgotten disk. Sam also announced that we have received an anonymous gift of a 40″ flat screen TV to be used with our presentations. Whoever our benefactor is Thank You for your gift.
Following our break Cindy and Mark gave their demonstration on specialty tools and their uses. As we all know there is an endless supply of specialty tools available to do a myriad of task in wood turning.
Our show and tell tonight was jugs and tips and several of our members brought in the jigs and devices that they have made and use in their turning projects. Thanks to everyone who participated, it is always fun to see what people come up with to solve problems and make tasks easier or more effective.
The meeting adorned about 9PM.
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