This meeting of Great Plains Woodturners was called to order by club president, Rob Otte.

Otte reminded members to sign The Club indemnity release if they have not already do so.

Six visitors were recognized.

Otte asked for approval of the June 21, 2016, meeting minutes, as printed via club website. Motion and second for approval made and granted by voice vote.

Club treasurer Theo Alles reported that there have been no disbursements since the last meeting. The current treasury balance is $6275.44. Motion made and seconded to approve this report. Motion passed.

The President’s Tip-of-the-Night: Otte recommended that members try the technique for filling voids in wood that he observed when visiting Kevin Enge’s shop—very finely pulverized coffee grounds mixed with super glue often match the color of a wood and make for a durable and almost unnoticeable patch.

Otte mentioned that member dues are almost all paid for the current fiscal year.

He encouraged members to continue making bead boxes for the My Journey Beads project, and to not be intimidated by some of the highly intricate and ornate boxes made by some others members.

He reminded people to add their name and address to the Google Map website as an excellent means for making contact with other members between Club meetings, as well as for visiting each other’s shops and ride-sharing.

Mark Entzminger and Elmer Miller are organizing our 1st Annual Woodworking Weekend, scheduled for December 2nd and 3rd in the Maker Space. The Friday date will coincide with the First Friday events that are typical of many Lincoln galleries (5 pm to 9 pm) with the Saturday event being open from 9 am to 4 pm. During both days, Club members and invited woodworkers will have the opportunity to demonstrate various woodworking techniques as well as sell items they have made. Demonstrations during those two days (for both beginning and experienced woodworkers) will allow the general public to see the kinds of woodworking being done in this area. Club members will be expected to participate in these activities as well as serving as hosts in various capacities.

Gary Scott announced that the Loess Hills Wood Turners (now meeting at their new location: Elks Lodge, 6410 South 96th Street, Omaha) is hosting a full-day of turning tips and demonstrations by Kevin Elge. Many of Kevin’s items will be on display. This event is from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday, August 13th, 2016 at a cost of $10. Lunch, snacks and beverages provided.

Scott also mentioned disappointment with the small number of members attending this year’s June picnic. Miller added that our Club has sufficient funds to provide meat and beverages for such an event. Otte suggested that a different venue and week day may impact attendance.

Otte mentioned finding a website having great sale items for pen turners. Contact him if interested.

One upcoming program that will be of interest to Club members is a tour of the cabinet shop at the State Capital Building. Club member Mike Marshall is a cabinet maker in that shop and will conduct the tour. The date for such is pending.

Mike Sawyer called attention to the beautiful new book case made by Club member Steve Mawson that will house our books and DVDs. Sawyer mentioned that we have many video tapes are very out-of-date and suggested that these be discarded. Otte recommended that members be allowed to take any of these they want before those remaining be discarded.

During the Show-and-Tell portion of our meeting, many beautifully turned items were displayed and described. Otte suggested that any member who wanted to provide one of their items as a possible going away gift for Liana Owad, Maker Space Director, who is moving to Pennsylvania at the end of July, place that item at the end of the table. Near the end of the meeting Owad will be thanked and given the opportunity to select one of these objects. The object Owad selected a natural-edge bowl that Elmer Miller had turned from a maple burl. Owad expressed her appreciation of the attention our Club had brought to the Maker Space and her enjoyment of getting to know several members of our organization.

The program consisted of two parts, the first by Theo Alles and the second by Curt Norman. Alles detailed the various strategies that can be used to determine the price that a woodworker place on a turned object and how the quality, style and wood type factor into that decision. He also mentioned the impacts of the type of shopper, time of year and whether the sales venue is arts or crafts in nature.

Curt Norman described and demonstrated the Beall Buffing System that he and many other turners employ to put a polished finish on their objects. His considerations include the types of finish, Beall turning speed, buffing cloth materials and the nature of the buffing compounds applied to the cloths. Both presenters are master turners and were very open to the various questions posed by members of the audience.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary