After a potluck dinner held at the enclosed shelter in Lincoln’s Antelope Park and enjoyed by thirty six members and guests, the meeting was called to order by president, Rob Otte. Because this was the club’s annual picnic meeting, no minutes or treasurer’s report were requested.

Three visitors were introduced.

The President’s Tip of the Night, presented by Rob, were two media resources pertinent to turners. The first is a free iPhone or iPad app called Leafsnap—an electronic field guide for identifying tree species from photographs of their leaves. This joint effort by Columbia University, the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institution involves photographs of leaves, fruit, flowers, and names (both common and scientific) of 185 species of trees.

The second Tip of the Night involves several videos by wood turner Richard Ford. By finding any of his youtube videos, others can be readily found. These are videos of technique, design and many kinds of homemade tools. You will find him both informative and entertaining. Just Google: Richard Ford, woodturner.

Rob and Elmer Miller reviewed the importance of member assistance in the many tasks involved in the preparation for and facilitation of Jimmy Clewes’ presentation on Saturday, July 11, 2015, to be held in the Maker Space of UNL’s new Innovation Campus and the hands-on workshops to be held in Sam Boon’s shop on the following four days. Elmer passed around sheets containing lists of related tasks and asked members to sign up for those on which they would be able to assist.

At the conclusion of these announcements, individuals that brought turned objects displayed those items for members and guests and gave details about the type of wood(s) used, the nature of difficulties encountered in their turning, special techniques employed, the kind of finish used, and the need for any special tools. Because Rob had issued a challenge to members to make a lidded box to be displayed this evening, at the conclusion of this “show and tell” portion of the meeting he selected a committee of four guests to select the best box. That honor went to Kevin Elge for his walnut container with its box elder lining and osage orange spindle atop the lid. Such displays of member production are always greatly enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

As usual, this meeting was an excellent opportunity for members and guests to become better acquainted and enjoy each others’ friendship.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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