The June meeting of the Great Plains Woodturning Club was called to order at 7:00 PM by Ray. after welcoming guests and announcing that we have a new member. Al Domina has joined our ranks as a new member.

New business: Ray passed around a membership list containing a couple of new columns. We are going to be adding your email address and phone number to the the membership list. You have the option if you one for your email address and one for your phone number. You have the option of having just your name or adding your email and or phone number. The reason for making this change is to make it easier for us to contact each other to ask questions or arrange for some mentoring . It will also allow other people to be able to contact you regarding your wood turning or our club. If you would like to make a change from just listing your name on the website, you need to select one or the other, both or none. If you did not get a chance to fill out the sheet at the meeting or were not at the meeting, you can just call or email me with our choice. If we do not hear from you only your name will be listed.

Ray announced that Theo Alles recently worked with Nebraska ETV to produce a program on the devastation of the Scots Pine trees caused by Pine Wilt and the Sawyer Beetle that was aired during the Backyard Farmer show. If you missed the program you can watch Theo’s presentation by going to the education tab and clicking on the link.

The Loess Hills Club will be hosting a learn and turn program featuring John Beaver on Saturday September 22 with hands on classes to follow on 23,24 and 25th. There were only a couple of hands on classes left available but plenty of seating for the Saturday demonstration portion. The fees are $35.00 for the Saturday session and $110.00 for the hands on. Contact Loess Hill if you are interested in attending.

Mark Entzminger presented tonight’s program on creating bowl blanks and rough turning a bowl. Mark covered the different ways to cut a bowl blank depending on the style of bowl or other object you want to turn. He talked about the different ways to mount your blank to the lathe between centers, using a screw drive, a faceplate , a glue block or a chuck. ( There is an excellent video in the education section of this site that covers all of the different ways to mount wood and many of the different manufactures equipment. This is a good resource if you are new to using these different methods.) Mark also talked about rough turning and the thickness you need to leave the blank for drying and how to seal or protect the wood from cracking by allowing it to dry slowly.

Mark will continue this topic and demonstrate the the process of final turning on a rough turned bowl at the July meeting.

The meeting came to a close about 9:30