The meeting was called to order by club president Mark Entzminger.

Entzminger asked the group how many planned to attend the American Association of Woodworkers national symposium in Kansas City, MO, June 22-25, 2017. Twelve members indicated such.

One visitor was present.

The president requested a motion for approval of the minutes of last month’s meeting as they appeared in the club website. Motion was made, seconded and approved by voice vote.

The president mentioned that Brian Newell’s daughter, Cassie, will update our website and that users may need to change their passwords.

Steve Mawson reported a treasury balance of $6,341.08. He mentioned the need for some dues to be collected and bills to be paid.

Entzminger and Rob Otte queried the club as to their interest in having an art show again this fall, beginning on the First Friday in December (the 1st) and continuing through the following day (Saturday). Most members showed interest when asked for a show of hands. One or more members mentioned that there was very little advertising about the show last year and suggested that a much better job of such should be undertaken for this year’s show. Otte will chair that effort and well seek assistance from members as the date nears.

Elmer Miller reminded members of the club symposium October 21, 2017, featuring nationally-known turner Cindy Drozda. There were 3 openings mentioned for the hands-on workshops she will be conducting in Brian Newell’s shop on October 22-25. Entzminger had the registration lists for those four days and asked that those interested in attending should see him after the meeting. Miller reminded us that the symposium is a cooperative venture between Great Plains Woodturning Club and Loess Hills Wood Turners of Omaha.

Entzminger asked that the Beads of Courage boxes be held until Fred Graber is able to return. He is our club’s contact with Debbie Wagers of the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.

Miller reminded members that our July 18th meeting will be a picnic held in the enclosed shelter of Antelope Park. He moved that the club provide the main dish and drinks (motion seconded and passed). It was suggested that members with last names beginning with the letters A through M bring a dessert and those with last names beginning with the letters N through Z bring a side dish. A show of hands indicated that approximately 25 members plan to attend.

Otte rose to give special thanks to Tom Meyer for his work in making the new wooden, LASER cut and embossed name tags for members.

Myron Heusinkvelt mentioned that, because of the recent storm damage in our area, there are many “tree dumps” that contain excellent wood for turning. Entzminger cautioned the use of such wood, however, because of hidden cracks that may be in the wood due to the stresses created during their toppling.

After our usual Show-and-Tell session, during which numerous beautiful and unique items were described by their creators, we had our quarterly raffle of member-brought items.

The program was presented by club member and recently-retired Nebraska State Forester, Scott Josiah. The topic of Josiah’s presentation was: How to Identify Woods. Josiah focused on several wood traits, such as bark color and texture, wood color, harness, smell, taste, cell structure, etc., through a variety of electronic images—explaining the intricacies and varieties within each characteristic. He, then, divided the audience into three groups—giving each group a box containing thirty wood samples and challenging the groups to identify each sample. Some of the more common woods—walnut, cedar (western and eastern), oak (red and white), osage orange, boxelder, for example, were easily identified. The less common ones—yellow wood, hackberry, mulberry, hornbeam—proved to be more challenging.

At the end of his presentation, Josiah was thanked for his years of service to the club as a member and wished well in his new ventures as he moves to Washington state as a retiree. Thank you Scott for your many contributions to our state during your tenure as our State Forester.

Doug Wilson, Secretary