This meeting of Great Plains Woodturners, held on UNL’s Innovation Campus, was called to order by club president, Rob Otte.

Otte expressed thanks to those members wearing nametags and encouraged others to do so.

Five guests were present and asked to introduce themselves.

The motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the March 19, 2016, meeting, as printed via club website. Motion passed.

Club treasurer, Theo Alles, reported dispersements of $55.27 for storage cabinet supplies and $95 for liability insurance from the American Association of Woodworkers. Current treasury balance is $5049.35. Motion was made and seconded to approve this report. Motion passed.

Elmer Miller was called upon to conduct election of club officers. He asked if there were any nominations for president beyond that of Rob Otte, who had previously agreed to continue as president if elected. Motion was made, seconded and passed that nominations cease and a unanimous ballet be cast for Otte as president.

Miller asked if there were any nominations for vice-president beyond that of Mike Aaberg, who had previously agreed to continue in that role if elected. Motion was made, seconded and passed that nominations cease and a unanimous ballet be cast for Aalberg as vice-president.

Motion was made, seconded and passed that nominations cease and a unanimous ballet be cast for the remaining two officers (Doug Wilson, secretary, and Theo Alles, treasurer) to be re-elected.

Newly-approved club officers are:

President                      Rob Otte

Vice-president               Mike Aalberg

Secretary                      Doug Wilson

Treasurer                     Theo Alles

In closing the election process, Otte gave a brief history of the club and encouraged people to consider becoming an officer. He, also, mentioned that annual club dues, which have been held at $25 for several years, may need to be raised before long because of increasing expenses. He commented further on the fact that the current space in which we meet will be changing as remodeling of the facility takes place. This will necessitate our moving to a slightly different location within the building.

Otte asked for assistance in various club tasks. Those tasks and the individuals volunteering to assist are:

  • Take charge and assist in setting up audio and video equipment—Curt Norman and Sam Boon.
  • Special events coordination for week-end events—Elmer Miller, Mark Entzminger and Dean Staberg.
  • Lathe demonstrations and training—Mark Entzminger, Jeff Woldstad and Bill Dykema.
  • Food, beverage and picnic coordination—Fred Graber and Bill Dykema.

Graber commented on the bead project for the Nebraska Med Center, indicating that Ms. Wagers has enough bead bowls to meet youth patient needs at the present time and that he has a few boxes in reserve. Otte suggested that members should turn bowls at their convenience and that the bowls need not be fancy or highly decorated—the children and their parents will be pleased with whatever we do.

The President’s Tip-of-the-Night: When turning a block of wood with a screw chuck, the hole you drill for the screw MUST be in the CENTER of the block face and of sufficient depth that the screw does not bottom-out. Be attentive to details!

Alles reminded members that club dues (of $25) are due today.

Miller reminded members of the Loess Hills Woodturners Club Spring Symposium featuring Joe Herrman to be held April 16th and 17th (Saturday and Sunday) 2016. The cost for the demonstrations on Saturday cost $40 and the hands-on sessions Sunday cost $125 (lunch included both days). Bob Moon mentioned that carpooling could be done on one or both of those days. Otte will mention that in a newsletter to members.

Sam Boon indicated that our club has a banner in his shop that he will bring to the next meeting.

Alles mentioned that our website is out of date and that some old pictures need to be taken down and replaced. Mark Entzminger and Tyler Stuhr volunteered to assist in remedying that situation. Doug Wilson mentioned that, when Cindy Boehrns moved from Lincoln, she held a brief training session for Sam Boon, Don Shelton and his self. Shelton was given access to one part of the website and Wilson to another. This has caused issues when changes need to be made and either Shelton or Wilson is unavailable to make them. Otte suggested that a new provider may be needed—perhaps a university student skilled in website construction/operation.

Loud applause was given when Bill Dykema suggested that we show our appreciation to Rob Otte for his excellent club leadership this past year.

The Show-and-Tell portion of our meeting again featured the works of our very talented and creative members. Several items that members brought to the meeting were selected by Liana Owad, UNL supervisor of the Maker Space, to be on display in the building lobby for the next several days.

The program was presented by Ray Grote of Fremont, NE, and member of the Loess Hills Woodturners Club. Grote displayed a wide variety of chucks and jigs he has made to accommodate the special kinds of turning he does. Although having very few years of turning experience, he is highly creative in his approaches and provided members with unique strategies for solving both common and unique problems encountered by turners. It is very likely that many of his ideas will be utilized by those viewing his presentation.

The next meeting of Great Plains Woodturners will be April 19, 2016, 7 pm, on Innovation Campus.


Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary