March 17, 2015 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by club president, Rob Otte.

Prior to the meeting and continuing into, Rob asked members to sign a release form that protects the Great Plains Woodturners club, as well as Sam Boon as provider of the place where our monthly meetings are held, from liability in case of an injury accident to a club member or member guest.

Rob encouraged people to wear name tags to facilitate getting acquainted with each other and with guests. The only visitor introducing themselves this evening was Rich Caldwell.

Maurice Mathews announced that his wife (who accompanied him to the meeting) had baked some delicious bars for our enjoyment after the business part of the meeting. She was given a round of applause for this and the many other excellent treats that she has supplied to our club.

Motion made, seconded and passed to approve the minutes of the February 17, 2015 meeting as they appeared on the club website.

Tip of the Night: Rob suggested that a “catenary” curve (such as appears when a link chain is suspended between two non-coincident points) can be used to model a curve for shaping the bottom of a bowl. He demonstrated this utilizing a small chain lowered into a bowl that he had made.

Rob mentioned that, with Don Shelton’s help, he had become a member of Nebraska Woodturners Forum on Facebook and encouraged others in the club to pursue similar membership.

Club Treasurer Theo Alles reported a treasury balance of $8494.42 with $660 yet to be deposited for a future balance of $9154.42. With the addition of tonight’s dues, he estimated the treasury balance will be approximately $10,500. Elmer Miller suggested that this final balance will likely be consumed by the demonstration and hands-on workshop of Jimmy Clewes, which is scheduled for July 11-14, 2015. Motion made, seconded and passed to approve the Treasurer’s report.

Sam Boon reported that four new books from the American Association of Woodturners had been received and placed in the club library.

Rob made reference to the recent (March 13, 2015) email that Curt Norman sent to members regarding a public auction of woodturning and woodworking tools, equipment and supplies to be held in the Platte City, MO area March 24 and 25.

Theo mentioned that it would be helpful to both members and interested wood turners if our website gave more advanced notice of upcoming meetings. He suggested that the current practice of announcing the program of an upcoming meeting less than a week before the meeting was inadequate and that it would be beneficial if the actual dates of future meeting were placed in a more conspicuous spot in the website than in that part that lists our meetings as on the third Tuesday of each month.

Rob asked the club if there was interest in having some kind of tag tool sale of surplus or unwanted tools to be held occasionally prior to our regular club meetings. No broad or strong interest was expressed.

Elmer indicated that 48 people had registered for the Saturday turning demonstration by Jimmy Clewes on July 11 and that all positions in the hands-on teaching sessions were filled for the following three days. He has asked various club members for assistance with food and audio visual equipment and will be asking for additional help as the date of the workshop nears. An invitation to attend the Saturday demonstration has been extended to turning clubs in surrounding states.

Several members brought recently-turned items for the show and tell portion of our meeting. As usual, an excellent array of beautiful and unique items was on display as their properties and preparation were explained by their creators. Such sessions are great learning and teaching opportunities for both experienced and novice turners.

Don Shelton was our program presenter, focusing on the topic of Salt and Pepper Mill Basics. Don’s experience in making such devices using kits and mechanisms from a variety of distributors enables him to compare both the quality and ease of use of these products. He provided many tips on selection of wood and its processing, special tools and jigs used in both the turning and assembly of mills, aesthetic and manipulative considerations, and some suggestions about the pricing of completed items. Don was very welcoming of questions and comments during his presentation and invited anyone having further questions to contact him and/or plan to visit his shop when he is working on salt and/or pepper mills.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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