The meeting was called to order by club president Mark Entzminger.

Three guests were introduced.

Steve Mawson was absent, so there was no treasurer’s report. The last balance reported was $6394.71 on November 21, 2017.

Jim Young reported that over 100 pens have been turned by the veterans group that meets in the Innovation Campus Maker Space, as well as many paintings and ceramic pieces.

Rob Otte mentioned that progress is being made on planning for the First Friday in December art show.

Entzminger asked for a show of thanks to Otte for his monthly newsletter. Applause was given.

Brian Newell reported that Mike Marshall and Tom Meyer had won the drawing for a select place in the hands-on portion of the Nebraska Woodturner Symposium featuring internationally known Irish wood turner Glen Lucas. Newell also mentioned that people need to register for places in the symposium and make their payments this evening: Saturday Demo, Nov. 3 = $50, Sunday hands-on, Nov. 4 = $170, Monday hands-on, Nov. 5 = $150, Tuesday hands-on, Nov. 6 = $150, Wednesday hands-on, Nov. 7 = $150. Each of these hands-on sessions will be limited to 6 participants and will be conducted in Newell’s personal shop. Registration sheets with detailed times and places were made available to members.

Gary Scott announced that Frank Simmons of Loess Hills Wood Turners will present a series of turning demonstrations for the Omaha club on April 14, 2018. These demonstrations will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 6410 S 96th St. in Omaha. The demonstrations will include a bowl, hollow form, spiral and box. Cost is $10 tonight and $15 on April 14.

Max Wheeler announced to the group that the Maker Space had some excess finishing materials that he would like to see gone by the end of the evening, and that members were welcome to take any of these materials—as well as the tub in which they are contained.

Entzminger asked members to continue thinking of topics they would like to see presented as programs during the upcoming year.

The program this evening was presented by Tom Steyer, club member and owner of JT Turning Tools of Omaha (582 S 126th St). This company manufactures an articulated hollowing tool (The Gizmo) that Steyer demonstrated and described in considerable detail—speaking of its bearings, strength, rigidity, ease of use and variety of cutting tip configurations. He responded to numerous questions about The Gizmo and, at the conclusion of his program, invited people to come up to the lathe and try this tool for themselves. Several members accepted the invitation.

After Steyer’s program, members gathered at a nearby table to examine and hear described the many turned objects that people had brought for the Show and Tell portion of our meeting. As usual, these items were unique, highly varied and of exceptional interest and quality.

Doug Wilson, Secretary