The meeting was called to order by club President Mark Entzminger.

Entzminger reminded the group that membership dues were to be paid tonight and to see Steve Mawson to make that payment.

One new member was introduced.

Three visitors were invited to stand and introduce themselves to the group.

Minutes from the February 21, 2017 meeting were approved as they appeared on the club website.

Entzminger introduced himself as the new president of our club and told some things about education, work, places of residence and turning history.

The president’s Tip-of-the-Night pertained to the need to keep tools very sharp for matters of safety, cutting efficiency and maximum surface quality.

Treasurer Steve Mawson reported a treasury balance of $4,877.33.

Brian Newell reminded the club of the fall symposium featuring renowned turner Cindy Drozda, to be held in the Maker Space of Innovation Campus. She will present a full day of demonstrations on Saturday, October 21, 2017, and a series of full-day hands-on classes the following Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Cost of the Saturday demonstrations is $50 (lunch included). The hands-on classes have a cost of $140 (including lunch) and will be held in Brian Newell’s shop–each having a maximum of six students.

Entzminger forwarded the idea of his need for assistance with the ten program meetings held by the club during the coming year. The June and December meetings are more social in nature with the annual summer picnic and Christmas party taking the place of formal programs during those two months. Members volunteering to assist in the planning of programs are: Brian Newell, Mike Gullickson, Mike Aalberg, Elmer Miller, Mark Entzminger, Sam Boon, Jeff Woldstad, Steve Mawson and Rob Otte. When Entzminger asked for possible topics, the following were suggested: Resins and epoxies, coloring, hollowing, tool making, off-center turning, drying and non-conventional materials.

Our Show and Tell session allowed several turners to describe the amazing works they brought to display as well as provide other turners with insights on turning strategies, finishes, specialized tools and great incentive.

Our quarterly raffle was held with many pieces of wood and Craft Supply coupons as rewards.

The program tonight was offered by Jeff Woldstad, UNL engineering professor and specialist in the design, layout, construction and turning of unique segmented bowls and other kinds of containers. Woldstad explained the varieties of mathematical and geometrical relationships he utilizes in developing the special shapes of pieces needed for a desired outcome. Also explained were some of the assembly techniques utilized in making certain that pieces are properly aligned and secured before turning. Woldstad welcomed questions and is always ready and willing to assist the interested turner.

Doug Wilson, Secretary