The meeting was called to order by club president Mark Entzminger.

No guests were present.

Steve Mawson reported a treasury balance of $6,320.33 after receiving $360 for dues. A bill of $19 for name tag materials is outstanding.

Elmer Miller called attention to the American Association of Woodturners National Symposium which will be held in Kansas City this summer, June 22-25. Cost of the symposium is $345 with 27 professional turners scheduled to demonstrate and teach. Members are encouraged to attend.

Brian Newell remined members of the Cindy Drozda demonstrations that will be held in the Maker Space of Innovation Campus on Saturday, October 21st. She will be teaching small group sessions in Newell’s shop on the following four days. So far, 39 Lincoln and Omaha turner club members are registered for the Saturday sessions. On June 1, advertising for Drozda’s demonstrations and classes will be sent to other area wood turning and working clubs.

The program for our June 20th meeting will be presented by Scott Josiah on the topic of wood identification. We will also have our quarterly raffle that evening.

Our annual club picnic will be held July 18th at the enclosed shelter in Antelope Park. Details will be provided at next month’s meeting.

Tom Meyer and Rob Otte were recognized for the beautiful plywood name tags they designed and made.

After our usual Show and Tell session—again, many beautiful and unique items were on display and described by members—Mike Gullickson demonstrated his process for turning threaded nuts and bolts. Using a commercial thread-cutting jig, Gullickson explained his selection of wood, favored grain orientation and the planning required for best outcomes. He then turned a bolt and companion nut to illustrate his techniques. This was the first time that many members had seen both a thread-cutting jig and its use. This was another quality program that captured considerable attention.

Doug Wilson, Secretary