The meeting was called to order by president, Rob Otte.

Theo Alles gave the treasurer’s report, indicating a bank balance of $4120.70.

In addition to 32 club members, several visitors were present: Neal Rutledge, Bill Miller, and Greg Grose.

Don Shelton provided the Tip of the Night—explaining how he uses a variety of shims to provide repetitive height settings of his tool rest when doing production turning.

Rob mentioned that participation of Great Plains Woodturners in the LES Sustainability Living Festival on October 11, 2014, at Southpointe is on hold at the present time while he gains further insights on some of the stipulations placed on participants.

Rob mentioned that Gerald Craig and Maurice Mathews have several walnut logs for sale. Gerald and Maurice may be reached via email to determine conditions of the sale.

Cindy Boehrns related that the club website is being upgraded, as well as Sam, Don and Doug being trained on website management.

Next month is our club picnic. Rob will secure a meeting place for such and notify members via email.

At the conclusion of the business meeting and the Show and Tell session, members gathered in the parking lot of Sam Boon’s shop to purchase (via auction) a pickup-load of turnable wood that Cindy considered excess as she plans her upcoming move to North Carolina. The sale of that wood generated $168 for the club as a result of Cindy donating these proceeds.

The program for the evening was led by Theo Alles, during which he addressed several topics related to procuring wood, cutting it safely, determining how to best section a log for later turning, stabilizing cut and partially-turned wood, and the various health effects of wood dust.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm.
Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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