Ray called the meeting to order at 7PM.  An executive committee meeting was held to discuss a monetary gift for Karie Barrett in  connection the the 70 plus hours of her personal time she spent helping to resolve our website performance problems.  They determined that a gift of $500.00 should be made to her with our thanks and appreciation for all of her work.  This was brought up to the membership and a vote taken and passed.

Next months meeting will be replaced with the annual picnic.  The meat and drinks will be purchased with club funds and each member is asked to bring a side dish or a desert.  Please RSVP to either Rob Kurth or to Ray Hoover so we know how much to buy.  The picnic will be hosted again this year by Rob and Annette Kurth at their home.  The address is 3433 Old Dominion Rd in Lincoln and will start at 6PM.  Bring your spouse or a guest and your favorite show and tell item.  Hopefully the weather will be good and everyone will have a great time.

We will have a raffle at the July meeting so mark your calendar and bring your items to the meeting.

Terry Savage has had a stroke and was in the hospital doing well and was expected to be transferred to a rehabilitation facility before going home.  He is at the Madonna Rehab center on 52nd and south in room 124.

Tonight our program was an interesting one about shop design presented by Dennis, Don, Rick and Ray.  Some of the excellent points about design were to use vertical space for storage, keep the center open and to keep your tools close consider putting them on wheels.

Other deciding factors were to decide where your interests lie before you buy tools.  Price, space and available power are some of the biggest limiting factors.

They had some very interesting ideas and lots of good information.

We had a nice selection of show and tell items tonight.  It is always interesting to see how our members are gaining skills and branching out in their desire to learn new things.