The meeting was called to order by Ray Hoover at 7PM. Tonight we welcome visitors to our club Cliff Hollestelle and Rich Propst.
Ray called for new business and Cindy brought up a relationship she and Mark have established with John Schwarts of Lincoln, NE.
John has a sawmill and has access to many varieties of wood and is willing to cut to special order for woodturners. You can contact John at 402 802-1662 and tell him you are a member of the club and he will be happy to work with you.

Theo gave his treasurers report and we currently have a balance of $2536.56.

Sam gave his report on the Library and reminded everyone that the checkout card for CD’s is inside the CD case. Sign it out and then put the card in the stack of checked out material held in the clothes pin. When you return the CD next month Find the card and check it back in and put the card in the CD case. Sam found one of the missing CD’s had been signed out and then not checked in and signed out again. I know this might not be the best system but it is the one we are using so please make your best effort to follow the procedure so that all members have a chance to view the disks.

Tonight’s program was presented by Mark Entzminger and Roger Lyon and covered sharpening your turning and carving tools. Mark brought his CBN wheel and talked about the benefits of using this tool to sharpen your tools in adverse to the standard grinding wheel many of us still are using. While the CBN Wheel is somewhat expensive, in the $200.00 range it lasts for several years, never changes it never changes it’s radius so your tool will always be ground to the same dimension. He also talked about the types of grinds , the traditional and the fingernail or swept back grinds. He also talked about the importance of degree of bevel and the new trend of grinding off the heel and leaving a very small bevel on your tool.
Roger brought his sharpening system for carving tools consisting of paper and leather wheels as well as buffing wheels. The basic difference between the sharpening of these tools is that you do not use a traditional grinder to sharpen them. You use paper and leather hones and the grinder that runs these hones turns in the opposite direction as the the sharpening system for turning tools. Carving tools do not use a bevel but are honed smooth and polished to a very sharp edge from the outside of the tool only.

We had a great show and tell this evening with many beautiful items brought in. See the pictures that follow.
The meeting completed around 9PM.