The meeting this month was our annual picnic meeting held at Antelope Park at 6 p.m. in the small dining facility just east of Auld Pavilion. Seventeen members and seven guests enjoyed the catered barbecue, potato salad and coleslaw as well as many salad, fruit and dessert dishes brought by members and guests.

In addition to many lengthy conversations among members and guests during the early part of the evening, several turned objects were displayed and described during the “Show and Tell” session held after dinner. As usual, these elicited many questions and favorable comments.

Mark and Cindy tried to make certain that all catered leftovers had a home with members and guests before the evening was called to a close. This air conditioned facility, with its excellent seating and eating provisions, worked very well for our club—although a much larger group than ours could have been accommodated easily.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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