Tonight we had a busy evening with the raffle sale moved to this month and a program by Rob Kurth on Segmented Turning.  Ray was called home due to his wife’s illness and Theo was unable to attend.  Mark Entzminger our Vice President took over the meeting when Ray was called home.  With Theo’s absence we did not have a treasurers report.

We had several guests this evening.  Bill joined us from Friend as well as Mark Furry and Bruce Layman and Ethan Earnst.  Welcome to you all we hope to see you again.

We are apparently still short name tags for several new members. Please let Ray know who you are so these can be made.

Rob Kurth presented an excellent program on Segmented Turning tonight. Some of the highlights are:

Tools Needed

12″ Disk Sander or larger, table saw with a sled for cutting pieces, miter saw, digital miter gauge, calculator and a moisture gauge.

There are three types of construction, Staves, segmented rings and laminated rings

The Math behind Segmenting

The circumfrence of a circle equals its diameter times pi or the diameter of a circle is equal to its circumference divided by pi.  Pi is equal to 3.145  The circumfrence divided by the number of segments will equal the segment length.  It is best if the number of the segments is divisible by 2 and 4 when possible.  Popular segmented rings are frequently made up of 8,16 02 32 segments.  The more segments the more complex the process.

You should always  try to use woods of similar hardness when you are using multiple species of woods.  All hard or all soft but don’t mix.

Grain orientation and moisture content are important.  You should try to use wood no wetter than 12%

When gluing your rings together alternate joint lines by centering your joint line on the ring segment above or below.  Keep your wall thickness about an inch thick never turn it below 1/4 inch.  Segment joints must be perfect so it is important to sand all surfaces but just a touch will do.  Use good wood glue to glue the segments up and many many clamps to supply even pressure.  Do not skimp on glue..  After gluing up 2 to 3 rings and drying them over night put them on the lathe and turn the inside and finish.  you can also shape the outside but make sure you leave plenty of wood to change the shape as your project grows.

All in all a very informative presentation and I am sure everyone picked up some good info.  If you haven’t tried segmenting give it a try.

Next month we will have our Holiday meeting so bring your spouse , friend or significant other and a treat to share along with your favorite show and tell and we will have an evening of companionship and talk turning.