November 20, 2018 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by club president Mark Entzminger.

Four guests introduced themselves to the group.

Club treasurer, Steve Mawson, reported a balance of $5,881.23 in our bank account after dues income of $191 and hosting expenses of $1,995 for the Glen Lucas demonstrations.

Mike Sawyer reminded the club that individual members could order tools from Glenn Lucas if they filled out an order form (which Sawyer has) and make payment to the club by December 2, 2018. Sawyer also mentioned that he had been given 4 Glenn Lucas videos that will become available to watch through our club library.

Mile Aalberg moved, and it was seconded, that our club pay $350 to Brian Newell for hosting the Glenn Lucas hands-on workshops in his shop and for providing snacks and refreshments to attendees. Motion passed on voice vote.

Jim Young mentioned that 20 veterans are now involved in the pen-turning sessions that he has been directing in the Innovation Campus Maker Space.

Entzminger presented a Glenn Lucas-turned bowl and suggested that it be auctioned off as a fund-raiser for the club. An opening bid was quickly superseded by a winning bid of $60.

Entzminger mentioned that our club’s December meeting would be our Christmas party and posed that it could be held at The Mill. Sam Boon indicated the possibility that he may be able to host it at his home. Entzminger suggested that a cost of $10-15 per person would likely be assessed. If catered, the cost would be approximately $800. Specific plans were left pending. Details will be forthcoming via email.

At the conclusion of the business meeting, members gathered around one of the large assembly tables to view the many items that several members brought for Show-and-Tell. As always, each contributor described the item(s) they brought to the meeting.

Tonight’s program was presented by Curt Norman, one of our club’s very prolific master turners. Norman’s goal was to demonstrate his techniques for turning a particular style of Christmas ornament, which he did in great detail. Typical of Norman’s presentations, he is very thorough in explaining his techniques and always provides many unique strategies for his accomplishments. He concluded his demonstration by turning a small mounting block that held a brass hanger for the ornament. Another program exceptionally well done.

Doug Wilson, Secretary

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