The November meeting was called to order by Ray at 7:00PM. Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed by Cindy and the treasurers report was given by Theo. At the close of last month we had a bank balance of $2472.49. Expenditures this month paid were Sony HD movie camera $297.47, several new DVD’s for the Library totaling $194.82 and Website updates for Domain registration, 5 year premium restore services and a new reactive template upgrade for a total of $134.05.

We had 2 guests tonight, joining us from Colorado welcome to Jim Hayek, and visiting us with his Grandfather, Ethan Ernst. We hope you enjoyed your visit and that you will come again. seems that our newest member Jeff Shullaus still does not have his name badge so hopefully that will be rectified by the December meeting.

Our December meeting will be a social evening. Please bring a snack or treat item to share and your show and tell. We will not have a program next month but please join us on December 18th to celebrate the holiday and spend the evening talking turning in the company of friends.

The January meeting presentation will be on the progress made by Ray Hoover on setting up our new Youth program. The youth program will be a tremendous addition to our club mentoring program.

Theo lead off the show and tell tonight with a selection of beautiful bowls made from black locust burl,red elm, apple and wormy apple with a natural edge. He also brought a spalted birch hollow form and an alder vase. Great job as always Theo.

Curt Norman brought a beautiful buckeye root burl wall hanging, a pear vase, a mesquite bowl, birch and zebra wood bowls and a set of walnut boxes including a 2 piece box with a beveled glass top and bottom for displaying a flower. Beautiful work Curt .

Rob Kurth brought a beautifully made tall segmented vase with a glass liner and a shorted segmented pot displaying some very nice woods. Rob mentioned that he painted the glass insert black before gluing it into the vase with silicone so that the glue wouldn’t show. Clever idea making the vase useable for flowers and the glass insert almost invisible.

Mike Miller brought a wonderful apple bowl.

Tom Meyers brought a very nice pair of natural edge beetle stained pine bowls.

Mark Entzminger brought a pair of large beetle stained bowls that he completed this week going so far as to try on the one with the lovely wide brim that I thought looked a lot like a ladies sun bonnet. Mark has been working hard on reducing his wall thickness as he has taken up piercing and has extra incentive to do so.

Mike Gullickson (I hope that’s correct) brought in a selection of beautiful acrylic pens he has been turning just in time for some lucky persons Christmas.

Mark Gearhart and his grandson Ethan brought a selection of very unique bottle stoppers and pens made from hand cast resins. Some of these were made with coffee beans that you can still smell ( a good gift for that coffee hound on your list), pasta and wood shavings to name a few. He explained the process he uses to cast these resin pieces. They also had a beautiful assortment of styluses, a bullet pen and a lipstick pen. Very nice work guys. Keep that young man turning Grandpa.

Rick Prevett brought a beautiful spalted maple bowl willed with goodies. He selected an assortment of real acorn caps and made the acorns from an assortment of beautiful woods. He intends to display these in an oak bowl when he gets it turned. Rick also brought a pair of honey dippers and a selection of small hand spin tops. He tells us that the trick to making a long spinning top is to make the shaft equal in length to the diameter of the top.

Doug Wilson made a selection of miniature birdhouses with ice cycles that would make a lovely addition to anyone’s Christmas tree. Great idea Doug.

Scott Josiah brought a beautiful pedestal cake plate he made for his daughter. He used a beautifully figured piece of Siberian Elm and purchased a glass cover for the top. I think Scott is hoping she will fill it with cake for him this Christmas.

Cindy brought a beetle stained bowl and vase she made. She used a oil and wax slurry to sand and finish it resulting in the beetle stain remaining a beautiful silver grey instead of the black you get from the danish oil bath. She also brought the two wave bowls she made during the class with John Beaver. The larger walnut calabash has a bleached protruding ring and the smaller spalted maple calabash has an inlaid wave band made with paduke and maple veneers.

It was an excellent show and tell tonight and it seems that many people found a little extra time to spend in the shop last month.

We had three short program segments tonight. Tom Meyers demonstrated the process he uses to make stamp dispensers. You will find a copy of his procedure in the education section shortly. Cindy showed us the process she uses to make her snowmen and how to embellish them. Curt demonstrated his process for making oil wand kaleidoscopes. Curt has developed a home made mandril for holding his blanks although he says you can use a pen mandril and 13/16th bushings to do the job. Curt also showed us how he embellishes his kaleidoscopes using a burn wire and texturing tool. He uses a Shela wax friction polish finish.