September 15, 2015 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by Great Plains Woodturners Club president, Rob Otte. Minutes of the August 18, 2015, meeting were approved as printed via club website.

Visitors Bill Ahlschwede and Tyler Sticher were introduced.

Club treasurer, Theo Alles, reported a current treasury balance of $5,709.25 after all outstanding bills had been paid. The treasurer’s report was approved.


President Otte again thanked Elmer Miller for his leadership and tireless effort in bringing Jimmy Clewes to Lincoln for his demonstrations and hands-on workshops. Otte mentioned that Clewes had mentioned to him that this was the best organized program he had attended.

The President’s Tip of the Night pertained to the difficulty of working with cedar—it is very soft (making it difficult to be held securely in a chuck when turning it into a bowl) and highly absorbent (requiring many coats of a finish such as Wipe-On Poly). Theo suggested that Otte may have over-tightened his chuck and that the sanding sealer applied before the Poly application had not fully penetrated the surface. Otte thought that he may have removed the sealer by sanding too much.

Considerable time was spent discussing the possibility of moving our monthly meetings to the Maker Space at UNL’s Innovation Campus. Otte’s contact with the director of that space has given our club a formal invitation to make this change. While it will be provided at no cost to our club, it is expected that one member of our club will be a Maker Space member (approximately $35/month), that one or more of our members will be willing to occasionally provide turning demonstrations to students on the Maker Space lathe as well as act as a consultant to students from time to time, and one or more of our members will volunteer yearly at one UNL-hosted event. It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved that our club will meet in the Maker Space for our upcoming October and November meetings and decide at our December meeting if we want to continue meeting there the remainder of the one year (October to October) proposed by UNL or return to Sam Boon’s shop for all future meetings.

Otte (again) suggested that he would like for out club to think about developing a large kinetic sculpture that could be put on display at Innovation Campus and encouraged members to seek ideas for this type of art on the Internet.

For our program, Chuck Frichot demonstrated his technique for using crushed calcite, different colors of dye and super glue to create highly attractive inlays. He crushed large calcite crystals into various sizes of smaller crystals, which are then sprayed with denatured alcohol, mixed with a few drops of dye, and the mixture burned (via the alcohol), which sets the dye in the crystals. The crystals and then placed in grooves that have been turned into the wood objects and saturated with super glue. By introducing the crystals by size (large to fine) and sanding smooth the filled groove, a beautiful inlay results. Chuck had many examples of completed projects that illustrated his expertise. Another excellent program.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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