The meeting was called to order by club president, Rob Otte.

The following guests were present: Fred Graber, Dick White, Brent Herbert.

Minutes of the August 19, 2014 meeting were approved as posted on the club website.

Rob Otte’s Tip(s) of the Month was based on a visit to Michigan woodworker, Ron Campbell. (1) Using a standard ½ hp motor attached to a flexible shaft, a highly mobile sander can be created. (2) A good carbide cutter source is AZ Carbide ( Their prices are less than those of most distributors.

Theo Alles, reported that the club’s financial balance is $3872.04 (same as last month).

Don Sheldon raised the question of whether members want their names, phone numbers and email addresses listed on our club website (as is currently the situation). Several members suggested they did not want this situation to remain unless some type of password protection is added. Don agreed to pursue a method of adding such an access barrier.

Sam Boone mentioned that our club has several analog electronic pieces that are not compatible with our current and preferred digital video camera/TV display system. He moved that he be allowed to purchase another digital camera and TV for the club and dispose of the analog pieces. Motion carried.

Theo announced: (1) Craft Supply sends our club $10 gift certificates quarterly that are given away in our quarterly raffle. He encouraged that we patronize this firm. (2) The advantages of Suffolk Machinery Corp. 3/8 inch, 3 tooth, silicon carbide blades because of their excellent cutting properties and encouraged members to patronize this firm. Catalogs were available for interested members. (3) A member of the community needs a chair spindle turned. Ray Hoover volunteered to assist that individual.

Rob mentioned his desire to contact several woodworker supply companies in hopes that one or more would be willing to donate tools to our club. He asked for a knowledgeable woodworker to assist him in this endeavor.

Rob indicated that Scheel’s is interested in having members of our club participate in their arts and crafts parking lot event next August. He will continue to solicit member ideas for that event.

Elmer Miller is moving forward on securing a nationally-know woodturner to offer a day of demonstrations and three days of hands-on work with as many individuals as our club can secure lathes to use. He welcomes suggestions of who he might contact (in addition to Jimmy Clewes, who he has already sent an inquiry). Rob Kurtz has offered the use of his company’s shop for this event.

Dick solicited member opinion of NOVA lathes. Several members agreed to give him their thoughts.

As usual, for the Show and Tell portion of the meeting, several members brought items to display and explained their procedures in making these works of art. This part of the meeting is not only for exhibition, but is also valuable for teaching about types of wood, tools, finishes and processes.

The program for the evening focused on pen turning with Curt Norman as our demonstrator. Curt brought a variety of pens that he has made as well as demonstrated the multi-step process he employs in making a specific kind of pen (clicker). With Theo assisting him with a video camera, all members were able to see the variety of intricate procedures Curt employs in turning a Penn State kit and a block of wood into a beautiful writing instrument. It was an excellent presentation.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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