The meeting was called to order by Terry Savage. Ray was out of town and Mark was home ill. Theo gave the treasurers report making note of an expenditure to pay Sam Boon for the use of the shop and the purchase of treats and pop. Cindy gave the secretaries report from last months meeting making note of the fact that the monthly meeting notes and Show and Tell photos are on the website for all to read. Go to About Us scroll down to Meeting Info and select monthly meeting notes and then click on the months notes you want to read.

Cindy also made note of the new listings and forms for the mentoring program. Select the Education, scroll down to Mentoring and then select the Mentoring item you are interested in. There is a section that gives a detailed description of the mentoring program, a form to Request Mentoring, a form to Become a Mentorand a list of people signed up to be mentors. Just complete the forms and hit send and I will take it from there.

A reminder was given that the Omaha Loess Hills Club had John Beaver coming in to put on a seminar this weekend and there are spaces available for the Saturday demonstration day. All hands on sessions are full at this time.

Tonight’s program was on using a hollowing system to hollow vessels. They brought in several different hollowing systems from a small captive bar system that is locally made and will work well on any lathe including the mini lathes, to the large floor standing system that Sam has in the shop. They talked about the effects of torque and the length of the tool extending over the rest and how this effects performance safety and your comfort in hollowing. They also reviewed another hollowing system called the outrigger type that uses a cradle type arm support and an outrigger bar to offset the forces of torque on the cutting tool. All of these systems are effective in different ways and for hollowing jobs of differing sizes. The general rule is that the deeper you want to hollow the larger diameter your hollowing bar needs to be and the longer the bar needs to be. Some hollowing bars weigh in excess of 100 lbs and are 2 inches in diameter. The average turner that wants to hollow a 6 to 8 inch tall vessel can get along quite well with a smaller system, an outrigger arm bar or your basic boring bar. The best thing I can recommend is to talk to your fellow turners and try out several of these systems before deciding on the one that works best for you.

At the meeting tonight several people asked me about sources and prices for the sea urchins I used in my Christmas ornament. I purchased them from Deltona Seashells and Gifts. They come in a large size of about 3.5 inches in diameter and smaller size of 2 inches in diameter for the sputnick shells and about 2.5 inches for the smooth shell. I paid $ 1.25 for the sputnick’s and $ .65 for the purple sea urchins. This is quite a savings from any of the turning catalogs if you are needing several. I found the vendor to be prompt in shipping and everything was well packed and arrived in good condition.