Like many of you I am sure, I have to try and get a nice finish on my wood turnings in the same area where I turned and sanded it. Not much of a chance of getting dust free here. Looking for a solution to this problem, I came across these pop up picnic food covers. They are meant for covering your food out of doors to keep the bugs and dirt out. They also work great for finishing your projects. The ones I bought came from Bed Bath and Beyond. You get 2 in a package for $ 6.99 They have a draw string that you pull up and it makes a fine mesh tent that is 17 “x17″ and 8” tall. Just set it over your freshly finished project. If you need it taller set it up on a couple pieces of wood to get more height. I found larger ones on line but they do not give a height measurement so I don’t know if they are taller. Coughlans is one company that makes them. After you tent it just place an unfolded sheet of news paper over the tent and nothing is going to settle on your project. Since dust drops down it should block 98% of the dust even if you have to have it elevated on blocks to get enough height. Give it a shot $6.99 is a pretty cheap solution.

Click on the link to see a photo.