Scotch Brite and Pads for That Ultra Fine Finish

While doing a little turning with Mark Entzminger this weekend, Mark was showing me the excellent finish he got on his bowl by using a series of Scotch Bright Pads after his normal sanding. It was quite amazing. Using nothing but these pads he buffed his bowl to a excellent shine that was very smooth and showed no grit marks using these pads.

I did a little research on the web today and found the following information that shows the color to grit equivalent of Scotch-Brite Pads. As these pads are used for everything from cleaning to auto refinishing and wood working , they can be purchased almost anywhere depending on the texture you are looking for. I understand they are available at Hardware Heaven, Harbor Freight, hardware and paint stores, auto supply stores and grocery stores as well as on the web. It looks like the color to grit is the same for wood as well as metal or cleaning.

Scotch Brite Grit Chart

7445 – White pad, called Light Duty Cleansing – 1200-1500 grit
7448 – Light Grey, called Ultra Fine Hand -600-800 grit.
6448 – Green (?), called Light Duty Hand Pad -500-600 grit
7447 – Maroon pad, called General Purpose Hand -320- grit
6444 – Brown pad, called Extra Duty Hand – 280-320 grit
7446 – Dark Grey pad, called Blending Pad 180-220 grit
7440 – Tan pad, called Heavy Duty Hand Pad -120-150 grit
Blue Scotch-Brite is considered to be about 1000 grit.