While reading my new copy of Wood Magazine this week I saw an article about using an inexpensive set of track lights mounted on a 4×4 post with a roller base. The person was using it to get extra light to his project for applying finish. This could then be moved anywhere you needed extra light. I thought this was a great idea but it still would not quite meet my needs for extra directional light at the lathe. I had an old laundry rack that has wheels and a 5ft long top bar. I mounted a 4 ft track light strip to the top bar and installed 4 small light fixtures on the track. These can then be moved to any position I need them and the lights can be pointed to the specific area that needs more light. I think I could really get by with 2 lights one for the head stock side and one for the tail stock side and possibly one overhead for longer projects. I checked at Menards and you can purchase the light track for between $6 and$10 and a variety of light fixtures that start at about $4.00 and go up. This setup works very well for me and I think a track light mounted on a board and suspended from the ceiling would work well too, as long as it’s hung low enough that you could easily change the direction of the lights. A lot of variations come to mind so give it some thought for your lighting needs.