While looking for something to do with all of the wood shavings I generate, I decided to make some fire starters.  My entire family camps and so we are always looking for a good fire starter and these turned out to be some of the best I have ever used.

Buy a box of paper bathroom cups the 2 ounce size works great.  Stuff these full of wood shavings and then line them up on a sheet of waxed paper.

Either buy a block of paraffin wax ( they carry it at Hobby Lobby) or gather up all of your partly burned candles and melt them in a metal can.  Once the wax is liquid just pour it into each cup. You do not need to fill each cup with wax just make sure some soaks down into the shavings.  Once they are dry put them in a box or a bag and you are ready to go.

These fire starters light easily and burn hot a long time.  Regrettably they don’t take nearly enough shavings unless of course you wish to make them by the thousand so it is not much of a solution to the shavings problem.

Cindy Boehrns