The April meeting of the Great Plains Woodturners Club was called to order at 7PM.

We had three new guests this month Chris Quick, John Kennedy and Jeff Shullau. Chris Quick announced that he and his wife are opening a store that will be displaying and selling local artists work next month at 33rd and O.

Theo gave the treasurer’s report and we have a balance of $1,913.42. Theo also mentioned the possibility of purchasing gift certificates for the raffle.

Scott brought the Certificates of Authenticity for the American Chestnut projects for anyone that wishes one for their project.

Ray presented Karie Barrett with the Thank You card and gifts that members of the club made for her.

We had our quarterly raffle tonight and raised $106.00. Thanks to all who participated in the raffle.

We had an excellent show and tell this month. Curt Norman and Cindy Boehrns and Mark Entzminger brought pierced projects this month, Elmer Miller brought a selection of bowls and a hollow form that he made while doing some research on shape and form. Robert Moon made a beautiful set of goblets with a matching bottle, Doug Wilson made a tall lidded box with the lid decorated with a bracelet he received from his wife. Gerald Craig turned a beautiful set of small thin walled goblets with natural edges. Rob Kurth, Tom Meyers, Elmer and Mark brought bowls and Cindy brought a spin top and a small maple box with a hinged lid.

The program tonight was wood identification and Scott Jsoiah our State Forester brought three boxes of numbered wood samples for a little competition. He talked about cell structure, grain patterns, figure, bark, sap wood, color and smell as being ways of determining wood species. He then divided us into three groups and we tried to use this knowledge to identify the wood samples in our boxes. The winning group managed to correctly identify nineteen of the samples. Scott donated the samples and the identification sheets to the club and they will be placed in the library for anyone to check them out if they wish.

Theo then taught us all about chain saws and how to maintain them. He stressed the importance of proper maintenance and the use of unleaded fuel only. Never put ethanol in your chain saw. He recommended that you add a product called Sea Foam motor treatment to your gas at a ratio of 5oz to 5 gal of gas. He talked about the importance of chain saw safety and that you should always wear a good helmet with a screen face shield, safety glasses, hearing protection, leather gloves, good boots and chain saw chaps. He recommended you make up a tool box containing a spare spark plug , air filter, a spare chain, a bottle of chain oil , nose gear grease, sharpening equipment and tools. That way it is easy to take with you when you go out to harvest wood. He also recommended you carry a good wedge to help prevent binding your chain and to direct the tree to the fall zone if you are cutting it down. An excellent program with a lot of valuable information tonight.

I had several people ask me about the equipment that I used for piercing and so I am going to list them here for speed sake. You can also find the links for these sites in our resources department.

Air Compressor

I use a Oil-less Diaphragm air compressor. It is quiet 55db, max 50PSI output at 1.5 CFM, tank-less, and made to power high speed power carvers. This can be purchased at The Sculpting Studio for $299.95 currently on sale for $239.95. They also carry multiple high speed power carvers and supplies.


High Speed Carver

The one I have is the NSK Presto that is recommended by Bin Pho. I purchased this at Craft Supply for $349.95.

Note if you use the diaphragm type compressor you do not need to buy the 3in 1 carver control this is only needed when using a large compressor.

While I am sure that there are many resources for this type of equipment, this is what I have and where I bought it.

Other products mentioned tonight were a random oscillating air driven sander that is available for about $39.00 at Harbor Freight.

Klingspor’s Abrasives from

Vinces Wooden Wonders Sanding Products Their Yellow pads will help protect the velcro on your sanding arbors from melting and being ruined.