The meeting was called to order by club President Rob Otte.

Four guests were invited to stand and introduce themselves to the group.

The president’s Tip of the Night pertained to the caution needed with one attaches a cone to any tail stock device, making certain that the fit is such that there is no danger of the cone becoming detached during high speed rotation.

Librarian Mike Sawyer announced that the club has purchased 7 new DVDs related to turning that can be checked out by using the card enclosed in the DVD case. He asked that people write their name, phone number and the day’s date on the card before filing it in the pack of checked out materials.

With neither Treasurer Theo Alles nor Assistant Treasurer Steve Mawson present, we had no Treasurer’s report.

Because we had no formal business meeting in December due to our annual Christmas party, no minutes were read or posted on the club website.

Sawyer suggested that Otte express to his wife (Carolyn) the club’s appreciation for her hospitality in allowing our group to have our party in the Otte home. Applause designated approval of such.

Otte asked for comments about the Art Walk that was held December 2 and 3, 2016. Several people commented about the event providing them an opportunity to display their turned pieces. One thought it a good learning opportunity for those not having shown items before. Otte was very pleased with the large number of people who volunteered to assist in setting up, taking down and being present to help with any problems that arose. There was optimism about this becoming an annual event.

Otte mentioned that the $35/month Maker Space fee was a bargain because of the availability of great tools and working space. Six club members indicated their involvement in the Maker Space. Otte suggested that the manager of the Maker Space is working hard to encourage more participation in what the Space offers. Otte displayed a poster of many free opportunities for people to observe and learn more about the Space and its many tools and processes.

Brian Newell presented the idea of our club partnering with the Omaha turning club in bringing a nationally-known turner/teacher to the area next summer. He suggested that some communication has already been established with Stuart Batty, with August being the most favorable time for his appearance. Newell suggested that Batty is similar to Rudy Lopez in terms of demonstration and teaching qualities. Typical costs associated with acquiring this caliber of individual are $750/day plus some travel and lodging expenses. Bill Dykema volunteered to assist Newell in planning for this proposed symposium.

As usual, many works of art were displayed and described by the members having created them. Our Show and Tell portion of the meeting is always a great time for both learning and inspiration.

The presenter for the evening was Stan Harder, master turner and wood artist from Omaha. The focus of his presentation was Cindy Drozda-style spindles. He had several pictures of her work as well as mathematical analyses of her shape distributions. He outlined his own artistic guidelines and principles before demonstrating a few of his turning techniques and some of the tools used in forming many of the intricate patterns he creates. Several members were seen making sketches and taking notes related to his suggestions. It was another presentation that was well-received by the club.

Doug Wilson, Secretary