The January meeting was called to order at 7PM.

Theo informed us that we have a bank balance of $3136.56 at the end of December and he has collected dues from several members tonight.  Theo also reminded us that it is that time of year and if you have not paid your dues  for 2014 that they are due in March.  Please see him to pay your $25.00.

Ray informed us that the liability insurance for the club purchased through the AAW has been paid at $90.00 for the year.

The club recognised Terry Savage’s service to the club by awarding him a Lifetime Memberdship.

It is election time and we would encourage everyone that has an interest in serving as an officer in our club to let the nominating committee  know.  We will be electimg new officers in March.  If you have ideas and the desire to help guide the future of your club please consider serving.  All members are asked to give this some thought and if you would be interested in serving contact Ray Hoover, Mike Ferris, Theo Alles, Elmer Miller or Terry Savage.

We thank Maurices wife for the excellent Lemon cake with hickory nuts we enjoyed tonight,

The Business meeting closed at 7:40 PM.

Our quarterly raffle was held tonight and the proceeds of $130.00 were added to the treasury.

Our program tonight was the ever popular look at  the many ways of finishing turned wood items presented by Ray Hoover, Dr Bob Koch, Rob Otte and special guest Tyler Thody, manager of  the Sherwin Williams Fort Store.

Bob and Ray presented and introduction to finishing turned wood.

Tyler went over the different types of lacquers and their uses and the tools for  their application.   A hand out is available if you didn’t get one.

Rob  presented a hand out containing  his interviews  with 8 of our members on how they finish their projects.  The conclusion drawn was that we all do it somewhat differently and that each person uses a method that works best for them to achieve the quality of finish they are looking for.  There is no best or more correct way to finish wood. You can try some of the different methods used by others and then develop your own preferences.  Everyone however agrees that there is one point that the key to a good finish, whatever finish you use, and that is Preparation of the surface.  The old saying is very true “Use your sandpaper like someone else is paying for it”.  Taking shortcuts here will show up in the quality of your finish.  Rob produced a 10 page handout that is available if you didn’t get one.