The meeting was called to order by Ray at 7PM. New members and guests in attendance were Eathan Earnst , Mike Boetcher and Randy and Ryan Hoover. We had a raffle tonight and in addition to the wood brought by member there was a $100.00 gift card for a new tool rest from Robust and 4- $10.00 gift certificates from Craft Supply. We added $125.00 to our bank balance tonight as a result of the raffle. Thank you everyone who participated with your contributions and your purchases.

Scott Josiah brought 3 cases of face masks tonight that were donated by the forest service. There were enough face masks so that each member could have a box of 10. Thank you so much Scott and please pass along our thanks to the folks you work with who gave us this very generous donation.

The program for the evening was presented by Ray Hoover and his Grandson. Ray has been working with the AAW and using their youth education training files and projects, has assembled a New Turner Training Guide. Ray has been teaching his Grandson to turn and they brought examples of his first projects. One of the main goals of the AAW is to teach new turners and to provide continuing skills development and education for all of its members. If you will check out their website you will find an area under resources called

“Teaching Woodturning Basics”

From youngsters to young at heart, people worldwide are learning the joys of woodturning. Here is a comprehensive “teaching guide” to help train the teacher. Topics include …

  • Teaching Skills – keep it simple
  • Learning Environment
  • Set-up
  • Tool Sharpening
  • Wood Selection
  • Suggested Class Agenda
  • Teaching Young Turners
  • Handouts

You will also find other areas of training from sharpening, lathe selection, shop setup and a great deal more. Check it out.

At show and tell tonight Mark Gearhart brought birdhouses a bowl and a small box. Mark Entzminger brought a corkscrew willow bowl, Mike Miller brought a selection of three small bowls. Theo Alles brought us a nested set of cored bowls, a sycamore bowl a box made of aspen, a natural edge bowl without bark and a Scots pine natural edge bowl with inlace. Theo also brought 3 small balls of black locust. Curt Norman a nice selection including a walnut and maple vase, a large natural edge walnut bowl, a buckeye burl bowl and a redwood burl vase. Jeff Shullaw brought his segmented bowl and a tall segmented vase. Tom Meyer showed us his creative way of keeping track of the stilus he made for his touch screen devices using a headphone jack and a short piece of its cable to tether it to the device. Woody Williams brought a couple of very nice bowls tonight and Chuck brought in a maple bowl with inlay and a ambonia burl bowl with turquoise accents. Mike Boettcher brought a very nice art piece he made at a Jimmy Clews Seminar. Mike Aalberg brought a nice pear vase and Steve Mawson brought a set of cored maple bowls and a bowl of Ambonia maple burl.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this months show and tell and you will have to forgive me if I mixed anyone’s work up. I hope to see more and more members participate in Show and Tell. Remember there is no criticism here but there are always people to talk with if you experienced any problems or challenges with a turning and are looking for some advice or ideas. The meeting adjourned at 9:30